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September 29, 2006

Kaleidoslop's Price Hike

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Well it’s the start of a new Acedmic Year and Hostility have gone for the double-whammy of hiking the prices in Kaleidoslop, and giving you less for your buck.

For example they’ve done away with the popular “Bigger Breakfast” (2x sausages, 2x egg, 2x hash-brown, 1x bacon, beans/tomato) replacing it with the 7-Item Breakfast. This not only gives you 1 less item, but is 7% more expensive to boot. An identical breakfast is now over 30% more expensive.

That’s not as bad as the hike on confectionary, where a chocolate bar is nearly 40% more expensive than it was last week. They’ve also done away with the All-Day Baguetee Saver, which at £2.50 for a coffee and bacon/sausage baguette was pretty good value. I asked one of the members of staff and they said that they’d withdrawn the offer, and that they didn’t know any more either.

How can the University justify a 40% increase in the cost of items? Why change the meals at all? I can only assume that this is to homogenise with Rootes Restaurant. In which case surely we should be given proper plates and cutlery? Now don;t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Kaleidy’s cheap-and-chearful cutlery and crockery, but surely it’s in fact got to be cheaper in the long-run to do the washing up instead of producing vast quantities of waste plastic. Perhaps the University with it’s purported Green Drive should look at actually doing something about this new-fangled Recycling thing and put recycling bins in for the vast quanitites of plastic and cans thrown out each day.

Perhaps the price-hike is in fact to cover the work they are going to have to do should do to improve their standards if Coventry City Council’s recent inspection is anything to go by. Rootes Restaurant scored one star out of a possible three in the “Hygeine & Safety” category which indicates that there are “Some major non-compliances, [and an] improvement in standards [is] required.”

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