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September 08, 2005

The City That Sleeps

The way I have my desk set-up in the new house is perfect for encouraging me to sketch in idle moments when I'm thinking or otherwise being generally unemployed (yes, jobs are on my mind a lot right now). I've always been drawn to the image of a city at night; the shapes and dramatic lighting fascinate and excite my emotions.

The sketching is gradually improving almost a year on from when I decided to restart sketching and brought a whole bunch of fresh materials. A lot of higher priority things got in the way of my drawing ambition but I've hung on in there and drawn things throughout the year. I'll aim to do more.

I was generally in a bit of a useless TIZZ last night and this morning, got a bit over stressed by the whole employment search. Its easy to feel like the whole process is outside of your control, which can then become demoralising when things remain unchanged. At around mid day I relaxed a bit, made myself a nice cooked lunch, did a little bit of drawing and managed to take back some of that control by re-emailing the people I have contacted about jobs and tuning up my CV for some other kinds of work.

I've pretty much decided that my future lies in making games, but with my lack of experience and the difficulty of getting started in the industry it seems likely I'll have to take on some other kind of work in the meantime. Most of my proudest achievements however relate to the making of games in some way so the CV has required some highly creative editing.

I seem to have now gained coding control over my long running Half-Life 2 mod project so I shall be using that to brush up my C++ game programming skills while I hit refresh on my email account and glance anxiously phone-wards.

July 06, 2005

Beautiful Ladies

Or possibly a man in drag. Check out those melons!

So I've been sketching again and then learning how to use Photoshop to colour the blinking things in. I've decided that photoshop is pretty cool, having only just bothered to start using it (trusty Paintshop Pro has always seen me through!).

Other than drawing that I've been sleeping a fair bit more, watching London claim the olympics from the over confident french (Tabloid headlines tommorow speculation? 'Oohlympics la la' ? 'England Much Better Than France – Poll Proves' ? ), prepping my oh so star spangled CV for the job offers to just come flooding in and I did a little concert called Live 8.

Live 8 had lots of good moments. The hillarity of me forgetting a jumper and freezing me nuts off, the further hillarity of me scoffing a £4 amusement park quality baguette and then feeling queasy for the rest of the evening and also there was a giant spinning camera, which I now demand be installed on the roof of any house I live in; just so I can play with it.

I think most people have covered the music of the Hyde Park gig. I was most impressed/suprised by Razorlight, they played a good live set in front of a gianormous crowd and did it with energy and style. I am now most interested in hearing more of the music of Youssou N'Dour as he had by far the most interesting and magnetic voice.

There were other things that amused me; the big screens being out of synch with the sound, making most attempts to organise clap/click alongs doomed to failure as people went with either the sound or the screen. The increasing hyperbole directed at the concerts themselves and towards the powers possed by Bob Geldof. An alien visiting the concert would think that Bob Geldof could, at the very least, fly through the air and breathe fire. The booing that France (on the big screens) and Mariah Carey recieved from some sections of the crowd showed that not everybody was in the spirit of universal love.

I'd also like to give a shout out to my Iron Bladder which held out for the entire length of the gig and the queing/travel time to get there and back. You truly are a marvel of modern medicine; either that or you are going to kill me.

Interestingly enough Chris de Burgh bought this:

Beautiful ladieeeees!

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