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May 31, 2005

I love – My room

I've had a lot of good times in this room, more than any other space I've occupied in my life it has become a complete reflection of me. I know, in true fight club style, that one is not ones possessions; yet a quick glance around me shows how much I've grown to be able to express myself this year. I thought that I should record the room now before it and I are separated and must go our seperate ways into the future.

We can see in Exhibit A two of my great loves side by side; piracy and video games. These two fields are interestingly related because piracy is a big problem for video games, and yet there are some video games involving pirates which are among the best (stand up Pirates! and Monkey Island). An amazing world we live in. I really love this flag and will some day buy a flag pole and mount it somwhere like my garden to annoy neighbours and tempt theiving students. I've not really used the game development year planner for any kind of planning, but it reminds me regularly of my game developer career aspirations.

One day, maybe I'll make my own computer game with pirates in it.

Exhibit B also showcases two of my favourite things; asian cinema and sleeping. I like asian films for three reasons; firstly the ones that make it over here are largely already filtered for quality so you have a much higher chance of avoiding rubbish on a random pick (as long as you avoid most Bruce Lee films). Secondly asian cinema has some of the freshest and most interesting new films made in my favourite genres (action and horror) and a generallly different approach to film making that distinguishes them from western cinema. Thirdly I get to feel all pretentious by watching films that a lot of other people have never heard of. Ace.

I like sleeping because its nice, this bed isn't the best for it though and is (bar the decor) the one major thing I would change about the room.

I have a terrible memory, this year I have been able to cope with my wide variety of different appointments, meetings, deadlines and 'things what need doing' by using an entire wall as a notice board, visibile in Exhibit C. It's got some of the few sketches I've managed to get down over the year, I'm pleased I managed to keep sketching over the course of the year even if it was only at a very slow rate, I intended to do a lot more but life overtook me.

Recently one of the three lights in the room, which is situated on this wall blew out in a most spectacular fashion firing the glass part of the bulb across the room in a shower of sparks. Amazingly the glass didn't smash and I replaced it with a red bulb I bought way back in Febuary for the 'Screw Love' party. An event hosted entirely in this groovy room.

That really is an amazing cupboard in Exhibit D. It was able to conceal the great treasure chest project when needed and normally holds all the clothes I have on hangers and all my washing, plus tons of empty and full boxes along with various other kinds of junk. Normally the room is pretty clean, its so big I always have a place to put stuff that needs a home, but right now I still haven't got around to clearing up the exam related debris. The clothes drying rack I recently aquired has proved its worth in allowing me to maximally utilise the available space in the room to wash loads of clothes at once and dry them all well.

I even have quite a nice fireplace, its currently strewn with a few little carvings (Socrates and Buddha), various bottles of alcohol and my juggling balls. There is also a nice arty poster of the New York skyline around the Empire State building in 1931, its very phallic.

Finally we come to Exhibit E and my most frequent point of occupation. I've spent countless hours sat staring at my monitor screen surfing the internet, chatting on MSN, checking emails and blogging away. I feel most at home in the glow of the computer screen, it has the mental faculties that I lack (maths and memory) and is an amazing resource for navigating the modern world.

Everyone should have two desks, there is room for everything computer related on desk number 1 and everything paper related on desk number 2. No cramped scribblings. I have an excellent swivel chair on wheels that lets me glide between the two. Very evil mastermind.

This was my room on 31st of May 2005.

April 26, 2005


I should be doing my project report right now, but my mind is full of thoughts after staying up into the wee hours last night and reflecting on life and the election.

I don't think there can be many people on earth who truly believe that they are an evil person, simply because then many of them would cease to function, everyone thinks that their own actions are justified.

This justification though is really just a matter of perspective, one man's justification is anothers insanity or calculated malice. We see this all the time in courts of law.

It ties into the free will vs determinism debate I guess in that in a completely determined system every action is predicated by the totality of external factors preceeding it and is thus inevitable.

On a lesser level many people are happy to accept that there are somethings that we have little or no control over such as our emotions and primative drives, which somehow leads me back to my project report… really should get on to that.

To bring it back to earth, there seem to have been many situations in my life when I have percieved actions one way only to find out later that someone else sees them in a completely different light. People are very attached to their own perspectives and I expect this is where the origin of most long running disputes lies. One man looks at the sky spitting lightning and see's an angry vengeful god punishing him, another see's an angry god punishing his neighbour and still others see a force of nature entirely explainable by science.

Often perspectives seem to me more emotionally based than rational, for example taking your friends side in an argument. Occasionally I think its fruitful to sit back and consider even your most strongly held opinions from another perspective. Think without bias why someone else might feel differently about a situation, there are probably a lot less purely evil people out there than one might expect, just people trying to get along in life.

The man who steals your wallet might be trying to feed a family of four kids, the guy who abuses you at work might have recently suffered some kind of family bereavement and the conservative candidate may really believe that his tax lowering policy is for the good of everyone.

I think that I'm going to put this under PDP since I think is a valuable life lesson in tolerance, something that I used to be accused once of having very little of. A change in me if you like.

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