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November 29, 2004

Lets get serious, and look at pictures of me

Because life is a serious business; especially my life. That you should all take very seriously. Mmmm.

Today, I remembered I had a webcam so I dug it out and decided to make a gift to you all of some useful images to express previously unexpressable thoughts here on Warwick Blogs. Dan presents:

"Dan's guide to emotional release"

I'm full of angst, everyone hates me, even I hate me

It seems to be an all too common phenomena here on campus and especially here on the blogs. I don't like people to be depressed, I'd like every depressed person to spend their time more productively by smashing golf balls through the vice chancellors car windows; yet I know that sometimes we all give in to a good wallow, even though we know its bad and wrong. This picture is for you, cheer up soon, life is all a big game anyway.

I've just found out that my best mate slept with my girlfriend while I was in the same room

As we all know in the Warwick bubble and under the influence of alcohol sometimes, things happen. Sometimes things happen that are just inexcuseable and you should rightly release your rage on flowerpots, pastries and your best mate's letter box. This picture is for you. May also be useful in cases of acute constipation.

I've just woken up and missed all my essay deadlines, my train, my parents funeral and the last episode of my favourite cartoon

Sometimes, we just can't help ourselves. Sleep takes over when it really shouldn't and those important life moments just slip by with us in blissful ignorance. Then we wake up.

Oh shit! I'm Popeye the sailor

Can strike at anytime. Now you are prepared.

If I squint I'll be more good looking

An emotion often expressed for around 20 minutes to ones mirror just before the ritual march to Top Banana. Save yourself some time, stare at this picture. Do you look better than it? If so congratulations enjoy your night out. If not, retire to your room immediately and lock the door, call the emergency services and await help.

Thankyou for your time.

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