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February 05, 2005

Campaign Diary: Partings are such sweet sorrow

Its over.

There was much drunkeness to be had yesterday, at Crash, in celebration of this fact and also the fact of the mighty Nick's birthday. There were several other exhausted looking candidates there and the tiredness hit me too eventually so I left at half 12.

Tonight we have the elections party and I'd like to offically invite anyone who voted for me and all other bloggers (even YOU) to come and watch the results and be generally merry with me from 9–2 in the marketplace. Entry is cheap as free.

I've learned a lot about the university, its students and politics from standing in this election and I advise anyone thinking of having a go next year to just get on and do it. Have no regrets and live life on the edge.

Dan's exercise in narcissism will now be returning to its regularly scheduled mix of life journal and humourous/unbearable attempts at comedy.

This has been my Campaign Diary. Thank you.

February 03, 2005

Campaign Diary: Shock as Libby leaves Neighbours

As the enthusiasm for election sinks beyond 'unenthusiastic' to never before seen depths like 'getthehelloutofmyfacewithyourstupidflyersIhatedemocracy' or 'ignorehimjustignorehimmaybehe'llgoaway' it was time for some last minute lecture tours, rampant flyering and a strange interlude in which I remembered that I was here to study for a degree and did exactly that.

Thankyou to everyone who has voted for me so far, if you are still thinking about it then you have another… 27 hours left to make up your minds before polls close and all of us get out of your hair for another year. I've been saying it all week but please read the manifestos online and make yourself an intelligent and informed voter.

Also it seems Libby long running, newspaper reporting, hair posessing beauty has finally made a clean break with Neighbours and jumped ship. Many of us will have grown up idolising this lovely young woman and it is a sad day for us all that her character has passed into the wilderness of, some other place in Australia.

Maybe she'll come back for a few weddings.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Get your butts over to the first battle of the bands heat tonight and sample yourself some quality warwick talent.

Its got the awesome seal of approval.

February 02, 2005

Campaign Diary: First day of polling

Today was probably the longest day so far. I was on campus by about 8.30 and didn't get home till 10.30. In between was almost solid campaigning.

The polls opened today, so if you haven't already, please do vote.

I think I managed to visit Arthur Vick, Tocil, The MBA Teaching Centre and many more Westwood blocks today, but my memory is starting to become filled with corridors of doors and I could have been anywhere.

Like I've been saying all campaign, by the time I get home in the evenings I'm exhausted and the funny deserts me for a more suitable host.

He always comes crawling back though.

February 01, 2005

Campaign Diary: Hustings/Candidate question time

Tonight was the hustings in which I nearly keeled over from tiredness and hunger. The presidential section was sped up a fair bit, I'd like to thank Carly Braddock for somewhat saving my speech from oblivion with some nice questions. At least I looked good.

I shall have to expand on a lot of these entries once the long campaign is over, exhaustion is sapping the will to blog funnily from the deep dark essence of my soul. Today I made it round some more of Rootes (I think I've done every block there now), Did Benefactors, though almost noone seemed to be in, and rounded off the afternoon with some light Jack Martin touring. Did no lecture tours today, which bizarrely earned me a few pledges of support.

Still need to visit Arthur Vick, Cryfield and the rest of Westwood.

Voting starts in about 9 hours.

January 31, 2005

Campaign Diary: Caught by the fuzz

Did a nice mix of campaigning today. Was nearly shot by police.


January 30, 2005

Campaign Diary: Sunday

I braved the landscaped wilderness that is Lakeside residences today, thanks to some kindly/unwitting people I was able to gain access to this magical and mysterious place. I met some wonderful and interesting people, some of whom already knew me, some who wanted to test my dancing skills and many, many people still not dressed.

People of Warwick University! I salute you for being pyjama'd up at 3pm. You are all very much awesome.

Tonight I kicked back with some light Singstar and prepared myself mentally for the campaigning ahead. I also wrote another poem, but I won't make you suffer that mental anguish again.

January 29, 2005

Campaign Diary: Tales from the ground floor

After the madness of postering yesterday (pushing in hundreds of pins has never been so much fun!), today it was time to hit the campaign trail proper with some proper door to door campaigning. Today I managed to get around all the Whitefields flats that had people in and I did most of 'new' Rootes. I think mostly the campaigning went well, I apologise to the one guy who's room I accidently entered in error; no offence was meant! Everyone else seemed fairly pleased/scared to see me. I sensed that very soon people's interest in elections will fade as they are bombarded by the infinite number of candidates that seem to be running this year. I just hope that people don't get so turned off that they don't vote at all.

After all that I was quite tired and went home to regather my energies for the next day of fun and frolics.

I thought I'd show you some highlights of the campaign so far in pictures (taken by my able assistant Gav). First up the proof that I have the skills to sort wobbly tables:

Of course if you vote me in as your president the fixes will be more permanent :)

Next we have evidence of the most mighty postering so far:

And looking a bit closer we can see…


January 28, 2005

Campaign Diary: Day 8 ?

Online Manifestos

Pretty much all of the candidates manifestos are online now, so you can browse through them all and make an informed choice when it comes to be time to vote (from next wednesday). There are some excellent ideas out there and even if you don't care who wins its worth having a read of them to see the kind of things students like yourselves think could be improved about the union.

As to myself, campaigning officially starts today and I've heard that a few candidates were up bright and early doing some preliminary lecture tours. I'm personally saving my lecture tours for next week closer to the time in question, but I have been preparing printed publicity for the 5pm end of the publicty embargo when candidates are let loose to put up posters across campus. Though of course the university does not strictly approve of us postering everywhere.

Was up into the small hours last night trying to construct some convincing flyers and working on tweaking the manifesto. Lots of caffine will be needed this week I think.

Stay awesome everyone.

January 24, 2005

Campaign Diary: Day 4 or 5

The process to become union president runs something like this:

  • Fill in a form online, gathering the library card numbers of two folk who are willing to propose and then second your nomination.

  • Print out said form, track down the people who's libary card numbers you obtained not realising that they'd have to sign the form in person.

  • Extend your overdraft that little bit more by getting out the cash for the nomination deposit.

  • Return signed form, cash and a winning smile to the nice people in the elections office and recieve a pile of paper in return.

  • Note that amidst paper is instruction to return printed manifestos to the elections office in about three days time.

  • Get drunk, don't sleep very much.

  • Get drunk again, sleep hardly at all.

  • Write the manifesto the night before desperately trying to remember all those great policy ideas that were filling your head three days ago.

  • Hand in manifesto, bleary eyed and slightly smelly (thats me, not the manifesto).

  • Remember all the great ideas.

Sometimes being awesome can harm your electoral chances. Thankfully I still have another week to sort out the online manifesto and the fine details of the campaign, so plenty of time then… Another drink? Oh go on then, it is monday night.

Plenty of time.

January 20, 2005

Campaign Diary: Day 1

Today I finally handed in the form (and £20 in cash) over to the requisite officials in Union North. Thus my quest to become President of our fair Student's Union was born.

I'd like to make clear from the outset that while I may campaign lightheartedly; this is a serious candidacy. I really believe in the value of a student union, and I am in love with ours. I'm motivated, energetic and ready to make a difference.

I'm currently working on writing a better manifesto. So if you have any suggestions on how to improve the union and things you think I should take an interest in then I'm ready to listen. Fire away.

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