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October 23, 2004

Blog addiction?

I seem to be spending far too much time reading and commenting on other peoples blogs, like tonight I really meant to go to sleep two hours ago with the regular humans.

Oh well.

Is anyone else finding the Warwick blog system a bit of an addiction? Is it becoming a barrier to getting any work done at all?

Also, I notice you blog controllers updated today/yesterday with some new types of blog entry so now we can choose to keep things among just the university types or whether to extend our entries to the whole wide world. Be interesting to see which type of entry people choose.

October 20, 2004

Operas of blood

4 out of 5 stars

This is one of those movies that moves so fast (and in a foreign language too) that you only fully grasp the plot on a second viewing. For anyone familiar with the HKBO genre this is a film that conforms to all the genre standards:

– Two friends on opposite sides ? Check. – Guns in face stand off ? Check. – Superhuman assassin/rogue policeman? Check. – Fantastic fast paced balletic action sequences? Double Check.

And its really the last of these that makes this movie worth watching, its the kind of extremely imaginative action cinema that a hollywood audience would only rarely be treated too. Abseiling down the side of an appartment block, smashing through a lower floor window, leaping from roof top to rooftop and a gunfight while helping deliver a baby.

Not a slowmotion matrix effect in sight, no leaping away from an explosion at the last minute and no arnold. just quick, clever action scenes played out like a game between two masters of the gunfight.

If you can't grasp the plot don't worry stick around for the action.

Why I am so clever

(Thanks Nietzsche)

I added another sketch to my gallery and somewhere hidden on the blog is a photo of me. See if you can find it. And yes ladies, I am on the market. Don't all rush at once. Form a queue.

I've now joined up to the snooker sports club (my first sports club in three years) and played my first games. Turns out I'm really not very good at snooker. I also noticed how quiet it is in the union on a tuesday, apart from the champions league action (confusingly two games were playing at once in The Bar) campus was as dead as the dodo. Top B finish you all off ?

If by random chance you are surfing my blog and really wish you were making computer games then why not check out the prospective new video game design society .

Why am I so clever? Hard work and eating my greens.

October 16, 2004

Non days

A non day is a day that goes past with nothing of note being achieved, a day with very little chance of being remembered two weeks later. A non day is the worst kind of day, not because you are doing nothing important, because sometimes you can have really memorable days of shallow fun. A non day is the worst kind of day because its lost time barely as soon as its passed.

For me, today was something of a non day, yet somehow recognising the wasted time has improved the day immensely.

Yesterday, was a busy day. The planned Video Game design society began to take shape in The Graduate, I had my first shift at the mead gallery, a plan was born to make use of giant cardboard arms and I had an excellent non-drunken night at the colliseum.

Dancing is a strange thing, and mine is stranger than most. Men in general are bad dancers but unlike most men I have an unnatural enthusiasm for the groove. Highly embarrasing for my associates when I commit the faux pas of dancing innaproriately, but I'm not sorry; dancing is fantastic. I refer the doubters to the early works of Friedrich Nietzsche where he talks extensively about the Dionysian force.

Now if only I could find a philosophy to explain away my music taste then I'll be set for life.

October 11, 2004

Transport to campus is rubbish

It seems that the bus situation on campus has gotten out of control. waiting times at hearsall common are now up to an average of 25 minutes with waits of up to an hour not unheard of.

Maybe my memory is clouded by nostalgia, but I'm sure things weren't this bad last year. Sure we occasionally had to wait for that last bus late in the evenings, but setting off for lectures an hour in advance and still turning up late?

Its now a regular experience to see buses driving past because they are already too full to the brim with students hanging out the windows at all hours of the day.

Have the bus companies decided to cut costs by running less services on routes with a lot of bus passes? Is this why the Uni rider is being so widely promoted? Is Coventry just filling up with eager students defecting from Leamington? Am I just crazy and unlucky?

I want answers.

October 08, 2004

Another sketchy missive

Added another sketch, and a colouring of that same sketch to the Sketches gallery, I decided that the mandate of the sketches gallery could stretch to include anything I draw, so the colouring belongs in there too.

I'm now a paid up emplyee of the Mead Gallery in the Arts Centre, I expect most first years have no idea what or where the Mead Gallery is and even if they do they've probably not been in. They should though, its a really interesting place and a free proper gallery right there on campus within stumbling distance of most residences.

I'm thinking I should post up reviews of films I've watched and games I've played. I like films and games and I think warwick needs my wisdom.

Other than that, I've been down with a slight cold and a bit overworked. Which just remined me of the god damn lecture clash:

Prospective warwick students, if you are considering a combined degree at warwick be prepared to have your butt kicked by the people in timetableing, they do not care about you. They say they do, but they lie. Two years in a row I have had modules that clash, last year it was two core modules, this time despite having only 6 hours of taught time my two double lectures managed to be scheduled for the exact same time. Genius.

Looks like I'll be taking history of computing now.


October 04, 2004

Just bad chips

Battered in the union ran out of salt, chips without salt are a poisoned chalice.

Looks like I'll get that steward job in the Arts Centre, they loved my STARS work obviously, seems my unnatural association with all things dramatic will continue through another year.

Still being sore from saturday's ju jitsu, leaves me wondering whether to face up to more of the same tommorow. I think in the end I probably will go, just because Paul issued me a challenge, and there's something in me that responds very well to challenges.

I've been reading a lot about 3D modelling/animation and the will to life, some of it (Schopenhauer) because i'm taking a Post-Kantian philosophy module, the rest becuase I think thats the way I'd like to spend the rest of my life. The interconnection between the two is informing my own practical philosophy, life is better when you turn it into art. Art in its broadest sense.

Ah, last thing. A bunch of us went to the pub quiz tonight, busiest I've ever seen it, 80+ teams. At one stage we were within sight of the prizes until our terrible knowledge of geography let us down. I believe we finished unlucky 13th.

Hey, while I was writing this the day changed. Roll on monday.

October 01, 2004

More Gallery

Just added another sketch I did this week to my sketches gallery.

I've been playing a fair bit of the Sims 2 recently, until 3 in the morning yesterday in fact, and I'm very impressed by the amount of emotional pull they have managed to imbue the characters with. Not sure if its the improved graphical fidelity, the amazing range of animations or the way that they have given each of the sim people desires and fears. Whatever it is its very impressive, even though the underlying game mechanic is exactly the same as the predecessor, the feeling you have for your sim people keeps you playing and having fun.

No Lectures or seminars today so instead I checked out the Learning Grid and did a bit of marketing for the Arts Centre. The learning grid seemed pretty cool for meeting up in small groups for group work, though I was left a little unsure as to the noise status, whether it was supposed to be library quiet or just regular noise level. I was also impressed that they managed to come up with yet another way to make use of the library card as an entry ID device. This time a smooth, flat swipe (after several false attempts) secured me entry.

The Arts Centre seems to have ramped up massively the budget for their student marketing effort this year, while last year about 4–6 of us cobbled together what we could for stunts and accosted people with flyers, this year we were able to give away free t-shirts to everyone who signed up to the mailing list for information! We certainly got a lot of sign ups, probably far too many for the Student Arts Centre Reps (the stunts people) but I hope it is successful and that this spending money to make money strategy continues. The arts centre shows some really fantastic events which so many students never get to see through ignorance or a feeling of disconnect from the place itself.

It also rained as I took my brother to the train station. I had a mac and Hob Nobs, I felt old but useful.

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