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March 07, 2005

And the deadlines close over my head

It seems like I haven't slept enough for a very long time.

These are some words that Nick said that seemed appropriate:

  • I've missed so much.
  • This isn't getting my project done now is it, but it sure is fun.

The reason it seems like I haven't slept enough for a very long time is because I really haven't. It seems that lack of sleep turns me into a man bastard creature of evil. So I'm sorry to all who have have felt the effects of my dark forces, I blame myself, and then myself some more. You all deserve better.

I think I'm going to write a lot more on here soon, the angst surrounds us with its many tentacles.

I'm glad I'm a lot better at dealing with it now than I was because I seem to have become proportionally better at finding it. Still, as everyone keeps telling me;

Everything will be okay,
No use wishing for yesterday,
Nietzsche will show me the way,
So lets dance and shout hooray.

Here is a picture:

March 06, 2005

Last day on FM for Tinkerbell and the Pigeon

Hope you lucky listeners all enjoyed the show at 12 o'clock, thanks for all your requests. Here is the playlist:

Manic Street Preachers - Prologue To History
Small Faces - Lazy Sunday
Pink Floyd - Money
Doves - Black And White Town
Ordinairy boys - Week In Week Out
Incubus - My Favourite Things
Flaming Lips - Fight Test
David Bowie - China Girl
Tool - 46 + 2
Jimmy Eat World - The Middle
Mercury Rev - Goddess On A Highway
Super Furry Animals - Organ Yn Dy Geg

Tune in next week for more exciting records.

March 04, 2005

The disconnect

'Where is my mind?' the Pixies once sang, and its a sentiment I can currently agree with. In the mania of elections followed by reading week, followed by CS Project related 24 work days and my recent bout of a cute Pharengitis (thanks very much doctor, you're such a flirt!) I seem to have completely lost whatever routine I was drinking my way through before all of this kicked off. Lectures, seminars, reading and work of any kind have all been sacrificed to the great greedy god of madness, leaving me in a state of almost permanent confusion that I've yet to find the organisational faculties to penetrate.

I've often speculated that I chose completely the wrong degree, in other ways it completely sums me up and in still others it frustrates and bewilders me to distraction. I'm a naturally creative person, but for some reason or another I've never really fully explored these aspects of myself in a public education setting, prefering instead to choose random esoteric academic subjects and confining my creativity to private occasional hobbies. I wonder if my skills might be better honed had I chosen to persue some kind of formal training and yet maybe the path I have chosen has fueled my creativity by exposing me to such a wide range of ideas and people. I could deliberate for hours over these self-analytical questions, and indeed have, as I lie awake in the darkness alone with my thoughts.

Now I face the near end of the educational tunnel, my lack of focus on any one particular thing for a sustained period leading me to be unable to subsist in the land of the educational people any longer. Not to mention the distinct lack of funds. Instead I'm faced with the prospect of the rest of my life, total freedom to suceed or fail. Scary and yet exhilarating. I suspect I may have a different measure of success or failure from a large portion of modern society. I'd just like to be able to survive and have an outlet for my creativity, time to draw, make 3D models, write stories, scripts and funny things, learn an instrument. Other than that I'm not too bothered about where I am or how much money I have. Failure would be becoming boring and working to get steadily richer and richer and never making anything worthwhile or new.

I've been thinking about writing a long in depth look at how my life has changed over the past year but I fear I define myself too much through relationships and might just end up hurting people who I have no intention of hurting. Yet I hate the idea of censoring myself for anyone. Maybe I'll save it for later in the year when I've had more time to add perspective to events.

Last night I enjoyed muchly the performances of all at the final heat of Battle of the Bands, particularly the heat winners Replica X and my housemates band Protocol, who came second in the heat despite it being just their first gig. The result means Protocol will be playing again on sunday against all the other runner up bands from the other heats for one last chance to get into the final. The final which is on tuesday next week and something you should all attend! Thankyou to everyone at Bandsoc who make these events such a joy to attend, you're all awesome.

Tommorow is Saturday and I shall be spending most of the day on campus sitting behind a table promoting VGDSoc my favouritest society in the whole world. So come down to Cholo and say hello. There may even be some games to play. Magic.

(Dan this blog isn't funny. Quick! Do a stupid dance!)

Er… Check out my mooooves, wooo! Dancey, dance, dance! Shake that thing!

Blog social tonight, which I'll actually be mostly missing due to working Harry Hill over at the Arts Centre. However, I will be showing my face at the after show party in Crash so I hope to see lots of bloggers there too. Come along.

March 03, 2005

A Two Pronged Persuasive Assault

My dear blog readers,

I've been good to you these past three months, daily updates, pretty drawings even pictures of my good self. I've been there for you in the dark times, the happy times, the Sunday Times. All of the times. I may only be 17th in the blog entry rankings, but I know I'll always be first in your hearts and for that I am thankful.

Well now my friends, good friends, its time to give something back. I don't ask for much, just £3 a month or as much as you can. Give a man a fish and he can feed himself for a day but set a man on fire and… wait… wrong appeal.

What I want from you chumps is that:

a) VOTE (my favourite word!) In the union referenda : just go here and log in and it takes only a minute or so. Some interesting motions this time around on world issues and things closer to home. You should vote on them all to have your say. It'd make me happy.

b) The Blog Social. Please attend. Its going on over in Rootes Social Building Bar (Known as just "The Bar" helpfully) and its happening this Friday evening before Crash from about 8 o'clock. The last one was a whole lot of fun and a whole bunch of people matched faces to blogs, I was quite nervous about turning up the first time but everyone was very friendly and it wasn't at all cliquey. Very welcoming to new people. So give it a try this friday.

Those are my appeals.



March 02, 2005

Ninjas and pirates together equal; Pirateninja Ninja Pirates!

I'm getting better at last, but it has been my misfortune to spread the foul ill to all and sundry and now it seems I can't look left or right without seeing hundreds of coughing sick people.

At least thats the case in the doorway to my room.

Anyway I'm off to eat pizza. I might blog some more later or something. Ha.

So good to be back!

March 01, 2005

Start of the month

So I did it, I beat the hell out of Sam's record.

Thats right I've blogged the most days consecutively. I think I'm somewhere just over 100 in a row with no gaps. I challenge anyone on the blogs to match this feat.

Well you haven't, so ner ner nee ner ner.

I'm not sure if this means I'm anywhere near having the most entries, thats probably still Sam. Probably.

Anyway if you could see me I'd be doing a victory dance on a burning effigy of Sam.

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