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February 15, 2005

Steve the Otter

As the sun broke through the morning clouds Steve the Otter rolled over onto a pine cone, the old beaver lodge he was renting was covered in the debris of last nights indulgences. The sunlight burnt against his eyes and he forced them open.

“Ugh” he said to noone in particular.

Steve should be a happy otter but today he isn’t, his list of reasons to cheer the hell up isn’t working. Steve tries cleaning up all the mess and doing some otter work. He feels a little better, but today its not enough and he lies down again.

Steve has a think and decides to he doesn’t know what to think, Steve probably needs to do a lot more thinking.

Instead Steve is going out to burn things.

Thank you Sam & Natalie (I am a wazzock)

"The problem is, I'm just such a complete twammer that everyone wants to punch me in the tits until I throw up. I smell of mother and eggs. Natalie and Samuel rock.

Lots of love,

Sam and Natalie wrote this lovely blog entry for you all while attempting to distract me… I'm sorry.

February 14, 2005

Your last chance to screw love

Valentines day plans fall through? Filled with bitter self loathing and a distaste for all things lovey and dovey?

Don't sit at home and cry into your pillow. Come gather with others.

Tonight. My house. 8pm.


Happy Easter!

I hope everyone got lots of lovely chocolate eggs today!

Mmm I love those delicious eggs, thank the five purple loincloths for the easter bunny! It's always useful, when you get to this part of the year, spring sprouting up all around, to reflect on how life has progressed since those fateful new years resolutions. I know I've let a few of mine slip! Oh yes. Those people probably prefered their family home with that slightly burnt look anyway, arson adds ambience I say.

Still one resolution I did manage to keep was to make sure I bought a calendar and used it! Last year I was forever turning up late or turning up on the wrong days for things. No more! Today is definitely Monday.

Well I have to dash now to go and water my daffodills, I'll leave you with this easter poem:


Easter is black,
It weighs on my back.
Weariness seeps to my legs,
As I eat all the eggs.

Spring is here,
Birdsong in my ear.
Rifle on my shoulder,
They won't get any older.

Easter is black,
Birds in my sack.
All is silence now,

February 13, 2005

Meet henry.

Good night Henry.

Tinkerbell and the Pigeon: The Playlist

Our first FM show was broadcast at 12 o'clock today starring superstar DJ's Gav and Greg, the mystical stylings of myself and extra special guest Moz.

This is what you were listening to:

Bandages - Hot Hot Heat
Plug In Baby - Muse
Honest Mistake - The Bravery
The Irish Keep Gate Crashing - The Thrills
Saint Jo And The School Bus - Marcy Playground
Slow Hands - Interpol
Oh My God - Kaiser Chiefs
Killing All The Flies - Mogwai
2 + 2 = 5 - Radiohead
I'd Like To Know - Supergrass
Glitter In The Eyes - Patti Smith
Like An Aspen Leaf - Jane Weaver
Spectacular - Graham Coxon

Tune in next week.

February 12, 2005

Why I'm not an alcoholic

Today I was accused of rampant alcoholism by some fine upstanding young ladies of character. I would like to publicly state that is is not the case!

Just because I occasionally like to sample some of scotland’s finest before bedtime and… where the hell did that camel come from? Get it out of here … just because I enjoy a few glasses of the most exquiste whiskey that Tesco can supply for under a tenner… Is that Nick passed out under the coffee table? Why is he wearing my fridge? I don’t think that a half-dozen or so glasses of smooth, delightful amber pleasure are going to do me any lasting damage… Not again! The next person who writes ‘TWAMMER’ on my forehead is going to meet with some serious harm … A large bottle of spirits a night is reccomended by most doctors, I’m sure I read that somewhere… Mat stop eating my carpet cleaner … and if one bottle is good then two bottles must be better. Right? wait a second, didn’t I used to have two kneecaps?

So clearly my moderate alcohol consumption is perfectly in line with what should be expected of any healthy young student at the peak of physical fitness.

Next week: Why I am fitter than most olympic athletes.

I really can juggle

I felt the need to show you this. As some of you may be aware I intend to live with Sam next year. I imagine the whole experience will be something like this image.

February 11, 2005

Something stupid.

A blog entry that has no content is really, ah who cares I'm inexplicably tired today and can't be arsed to blog.


EDIT: You ever feel like your computer's random playlist is laughing at you?

Its not funny Mr. Playlist.

February 10, 2005

Me and programming; we don't get on.

Today I have been questing with earnest to defeat the difficulties with my third year project, everytime I attempt to do something in computer science I always seem to run into the same basic problem.

I just can't program.

Its not through lack of trying, I have bought countless books in an attempt to understand the subject, sat though hundreds of lectures and got right stuck in there and attempted to learn by doing. Now, don't misunderstand me I can do the basics, logical jiggery pokery and the finer points of data types are all tackled masterfully by me. Yet the moment things get complicated and I see lines like:

WorldGraph.HandleLinkEnt ( iSrcNode, WorldGraph.m_pLinkPool[iLink].m_pLinkEnt, m_afCapability, CGraph::NODEGRAPH_DYNAMIC ) )

I cry inside. Its enough to make you lust after a 5,000 word essay. It really is.

On the plus side, I did get all the animation, skinning and modelling finished. Kevin the large mouthed spider beast from hell is now bounding his way about my Half-life levels with wild abandon.

In an entirely unrelated series of events I have begun compiling some depressing/anti-love/mournful country type of songs to create a nice alternative playlist for the 'Screw Love' party on monday. If anyone has any suggestions for tracks that really induce those feelings of pain and heartbreak then please feel free to leave a comment.

EDIT: MSN messenger address is

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