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February 22, 2005

Top Banana: The sequel

I revisited the monday night dance fest yesterday.

I decided that 9.05 was the time to start dancing. Unfortunately noone else agreed with me, and it was about two hours before any real quantity of people appeared on the dance floor. But nevermind this as some of the best tunes were played before they arrived (Finally got to dance around to Hounds of Love at a union event!) so in a way; I win.

The evening was slightly marred by a bout of sore throated illness which struck me over the weekend, and is refusing to go away. I only managed to stagger out of bed at 2.30 today because of it. Damn.

I'll say a few hellos to everyone in S-Punk (and especially the punk show crew on RaW), good ole VGD Soc (Mat swiping the air guitar crown last night, proving us once again to be the most awesome society), everyone at RAG (who kept my coat safe and gave me some free sweets) and DJ's Carter and Tarbitt (who kept me juiced with chocolate the whole evening).

Stay awesome.

February 21, 2005

Exciting new Conservative policy initiative

At a London press conference today, filled to the rafters with young go getters, the leader of the opposition produced another of his famous policy initiatives. Pausing briefly to lap up the applause he smiled and then launched into his memorable speech.

"The people of britain need a leadership that they can trust, a political party that stands up for their rights, and their needs; but more importantly they need to vote for me. We, in the Conservative party, have noticed that a lot of people are getting upset about a lot of things, and everytime you've spoken we've compromised our beliefs and changed our minds to win your votes. The louder you shout the louder we listen!

(clap trap)

Thats why I've decided to take notice of the opinion polls, ever since I've been leader of the Conservative party more of you than ever have expressed your desire to vote for Tony Blair. Previously we've been unresponsive to that demand, and for that we sincerely apologise. But no longer! For I have just been, and had my name changed for you, the people of Britain!

I am now Tony Blair too.

This doesn't mean a change in our policies, have no fear. If I see a passing bandwagon I'll still have no shame in jumping right on board, bedding down with students and anti-war protestors one minute and old folks and fox hunters the next. I'm still the same leader you've got to know, but now I have a different name. A name you all approve of, believe me I've seen the polls!

Some people might say 'Hey Tony, aren't you insulting the electorates intellegence?' to them I say; I never kick a man when he's down! If there's anything the Tory party can do for our beloved electorate we'll gladly promise it to you now, if you just vote for us in May. We think this country matters, you matter, he matters, she matters, everybody matters! I do the hokey cokey and I turn around, and thats why you should vote for me!"

And with that he vanished in his trademark puff of smoke, and the gathered bright sparks exhaled in relief as the future leader of this country left the room, and they could breathe again.

February 20, 2005

The Natalie Entry

Writing about web page

So Natalie is great and stuff. She's been a real good listener for me these past few weeks despite me issuing a fatwa against her. So to celebrate her greatness, and see if I can swell her head to the same size as mine, I made this whole entry all about her:

The great thing about Natalie is she has this long fringe thing going on which means she often can't see where the hell she's going. This makes her easy to confuse and terrible at Darts. Do not play darts with this woman.

Natalie also has a hot sister called Sally, apparently she thinks Sam is attractive so she obviously has excellent taste (I'll get to you later you big man stud). Sally you're awesome. Sally, Sally, Sally.

Natalie also has a friend who like to lick things called Christine. I like Christine. Hi Christine! You can start reading my blog now.

Here is a poem about Natalie:

In Praise of Natalie

My dearest Nats,
There are people who say,
You don’t wear enough hats,
But everything will be okay,
As long as you eat up your bats.

Oh fabulous Natalie,
When I think of you and books,
My brain answers ‘Lady Chatterly’,
You always give me those funny looks,
Maybe I should set you free.

My angelic dancing bird,
They say its wrong to keep you in a cage,
But I don’t care what you’ve heard,
When you are my age,
You’ll look back and… probably weep uncontrollably.


Natalie, Natalie, Natalie. One of the great things about her is the way she's not my 3rd year project, she absolutely has nothing to do with code and couldn't be less of a mounting pile of essays I haven't finished if she tried.

Keep being awesome Natalie (and not a 3rd year project).

I ain't missing.. Tinkerbell and the Pigeon on RaW at 12!

Shows over kids. Here's what you heard:

Ash - Angel Interceptor
David Bowie - Starman
Manic Street Preachers - Little Baby Nothing
Green Day - Saint Jimmy
Gang of Four - Ether
Bloc Party - Positive Tension
Supergrass - Caught By The Fuzz
The Strokes - 1251
The Eels - Lucky Day In Hell
Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict A Riot
Wire - Field Day For The Sundays
LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk Are Playing At My House
T-Rex - We Love To Boogie
Sleater Kiney - Call the doctor

Dan's Ego Stroking Place, Evil Robots Are Totally Excellent

I'm thinking of starting a support unit for me (put those standard cooling fans away Mr. Blackwell) where a group of beautiful people just regularly deliver ego boosting compliments to me. I think this would help my mood, plus evil robots are really great and everyone should know.

Er.. Thanks.

February 19, 2005

Slept all day

I slept all day. Everything is drawkcab.

February 18, 2005


Then he might stop commenting about it all over the blogs.

EDIT: Oh and here is a link to his blog entry on the play.

Actually while I'm linking to his blog I'd just like to express my disappointment with the quality of his recent blog posts. Now I know you can't be everywhere Mr. Carter – Superstar DJ, playwright and all round media node; but I had you down as one of us. Your blog really was funny at times, I remember 'The Sex Files' and other such classic entries back in the golden age – before you started only posting set lists for Top Banana.

What happend Chris? Have your lonely evenings in front of the computer been spent in other ways? Did you find a young lady friend? Has the whole concept of blogging become stupid to you? Or did you just run out of ideas? These are the thoughts that sometimes occupy my thoughts as I stare into the eyes of Roy; the monkey that you and your DJ buddy so thoughtfully gave to me. The thoughts of a concerned friend who also doesn't give a toss.

Further Edit: I'm aware of the irony of this criticism in light of my own shockingly shite blogs of late, personally I blame my degree for sapping the life out of me with large chunks of code that I can't understand. Did I mention recently I don't like code?

February 17, 2005

I wonder how long I can code before I explode…

Woke up this morning with the frightening realisation that a mere three days after I promised my project supervisor I'd be working morning and night to try and catch up on my project I had instead spent one day drinking, one day in misery and one day poncing about watching a film (Before Sunset, rather good I thought) attending training sessions (Duty of Care) and other random non-work related activities.

The amount of work achieved in these days was fairly limited.

So today I decided that it was time to start the dreaded crunch and I've been coding away since I awoke until now, and it looks like when I finish typing this I'll be going back to it. I find coding one of though must frustrating and boring things in the universe. To me this is like an exquisite form of torture, and yet I do it anyway. For the next few days this blog is likely to be limited on the funny as there are only so many hillarious jokes you can crack about coding for twelve hours straight.

Still only two more weeks till I have to present it… ARGH.

P.S. Sorry to all the humans who I have begun viciously cutting out of my life as a result of this project. Its nothing personal its just you aren't sections of code that I can insert into my project.

February 16, 2005

Why I'm bigger than Jesus

And look Jesus was cheating as well.

February 15, 2005

My awesome sense tells me deadlines are approaching

As my blogfrequency rises and quality fluctuates wildly, I reflect on whether the warwick blogging blogomenon is finally being accepted by the wider blogmunity. With a blog now launched by our very own delightful Students Union president and the number of bloggers reaching some kind of blogcritical mass, are we on the precipice of a blogtopia?

Will there soon be blogfests on the grassy fields behind rootes blogs, I mean blocks, will blogs be discussed in special bloginars? Will lecturers deliver their lectures through the medium blog? Will The Boar, Raw and Warwick TV pack up their current operations and deliver everything via the blogstream? Will the Arts Centre become a giant computer for witnessing the 500 foot wide blog monster?

A new language 'blogish' is already beginning to emerge from the blogfringe with common english words like 'trackback', 'mother' and 'funny' taking on blogfidious new meanings that defy blogsplantion. Will there soon be gangs of bloggers hanging around on street corners shouting 'you smell of mother' at passing innocents?

Only blogtime will blogtell.

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