December 26, 2004

What an odd combination

I was just watching 'Buena vista social club' which we recorded from Christmas Day when I noted that, despite the excellence of the film, I was in severe danger of falling asleep before I had blogged. Unwilling to let the day pass without registering my presence, I had to drag myself to the keyboard and attempt to drum up the last vestiges of strength. I therefore apologise that I am once again going to let standards slip and not give you anything intentionally amusing.

Today I did the extended family thing and jaunted around to Cambridgeshire to share small talk with my relatives. Nowadays when I meet people at parties or engage in chats with people who don't see me very often there are two things that are invariably said to me:

1) Wow, your hair looks really great!

2) "What are you studying?" (my answer). "Oooooh (cross eyed look of confusion) What an odd combination!"

Each time I feel that I should either; pretend that this is the first time I've heard such an insightful comment or make some hillarious crack about how this is the 85th time I've heard the same bloody line. Unfortunately I'm certain I'm not the only person who is stuck in their own personal cliche hell. No doubt I've even unwittingly inflicted this suffering on other people and I'm sorry to all of you. I feel that somehow we should pull together to fight this banality; each time we find ourselves asking a tired old small talk question, step back, think about it and ask something else. How often is anyone asked about their opinions on cave paintings, belly button fluff or radiator keys? Who knows what you could discover. Try and avoid making the obvious connections, chances are someone, everyone, has got there first and you're at the back of a long queue.

As another example; at one stage in my overactive youth I was a skilled practicioner of Karate and upon anyone discovering this fact it would be a mere three seconds before their brains forced them to mimic Mr. Miyagi. It wasn't long before I preemtively 'Wax on, wax off'ed myself, just to stop the agony before it got into full swing and people started asking me to paint their fences.

You can still tell me my hair looks great though.

I recieved 'The Killers' album for Christmas and have been playing it ever since; my initial enthusiasm has yet to wane after several rehearings so its looking like a keeper. Rush out and buy it if you haven't already. The new digital camera is still being experimented with and I unfortunately ran down the batteries too much and now have to wait for them to charge up before I can do anything useful with it; expect more narcissism very soon.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about the 'What are you studying?' question.


    26 Dec 2004, 22:07

  2. What are you opinions on radiator keys Jill?

    26 Dec 2004, 22:12

  3. I don't really have an opinion on them to be honest.

    Should I?

    26 Dec 2004, 22:15

  4. I'm not really certain. I wonder if I should keep mine on me at all times in case I encounter a radiator that needs a bit of air letting out.

    26 Dec 2004, 22:19

  5. I think that would be very sensible. You never knwo when you might need to let air out of a radiator. And besides I'm sure it would make an interesting piece of jewellery in the meantime.

    26 Dec 2004, 22:24

  6. Radiator key earrings, there's an idea for you. Quick, to the patent office before anyone else beats you to it!

    27 Dec 2004, 00:01

  7. Track 9 is the best on Hot Fuss. Keep it on repeat!

    27 Dec 2004, 00:07

  8. No, i'm a big fan of track 3- it's one of their singles but it is a gooden

    27 Dec 2004, 01:26

  9. Track 4 even

    27 Dec 2004, 01:26

  10. When I respond to the "What are you studying" question, I tend to get either
    a) A wince
    b) Hysterical laughter
    c) A sympathetic pat on the shoulder.
    There is only Maths Phys that have it worse than us in the WHOLE UNI. I defy you to find another course with 8 people on it, all of whom dislike it in at least a little bit, and on average a whole lot more. Sorry about the erm 4 (i think) guys in year 2. You may love the course, but as I don't know you I can't say. I'm pretty sure you don't though…

    27 Dec 2004, 01:33

  11. I think the only way you should consider responding to "Oooooh what an odd combination" is adopting a puzzled expression and asking "Really? No-one's ever commented on it before." If they continue the conversation simply start talking about the metaphysical effects of Java until they move away or pass away.

    Hot Fuss does indeed rock.

    27 Dec 2004, 01:46

  12. Mathew Mannion

    Mr Brightside, please.

    Oh, and "Everything Will Be Alright", for a bit of depression

    27 Dec 2004, 02:31

  13. Radiator keys are a very useful thing, I don't know where I'd be without mine. I have a upsetting story about my previous one though, I lent it to a friend and e broke it, it was a sad day, I had to get him replaced, the new model is much more sleek and sexy though so all is good.

    27 Dec 2004, 03:41

  14. Mathew Mannion

    I remember mine and Dan's first trip out together was to get radiator keys.


    27 Dec 2004, 04:40

  15. Ahhh, young love…

    27 Dec 2004, 14:02

  16. Me

    Your hair looks great…its SERIOUSLY does.

    27 Dec 2004, 19:33

  17. Thanks me!

    28 Dec 2004, 10:32

  18. Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine is the best track, hands down. Does anyone else reckon the second half of Hot Fuss is a bit toss?

    29 Dec 2004, 12:13

  19. Mathew Mannion

    No, but its not as good as the first 6 tracks.

    29 Dec 2004, 13:10

  20. I concur.

    30 Dec 2004, 15:15

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