December 21, 2004

The true meaning of christmas


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  1. How terribly depressing. I think I'll go find some rope and a handy overhead beam…

    21 Dec 2004, 11:13

  2. Mathew Mannion

    You broke my happy :(

    21 Dec 2004, 13:14

  3. This is a true work of sorrow, clearly a reflection on the transience of material things. Are we also to asume, from the lack of anything but that snowman (who represnts material things obviously) that you are echoing the Niezschean sentiment that there is nothing but the phenomenal world, allowing for no trancendent immortal things-in-themselves to exist?

    That's what I make of this anyway.

    21 Dec 2004, 14:14

  4. ....

    Hey man! You liquidised the snowdude!

    That just totally bums me out…......

    21 Dec 2004, 14:27

  5. I blame global warming. For everything.

    21 Dec 2004, 16:43

  6. Hmm, lack of christmas spirit, obvious display of "bah humbug" tendancys. Im not sure how many "Awesome Points" old scrouge would score

    21 Dec 2004, 16:46

  7. All good guesses. Think more along the lines of strawberry jam.

    21 Dec 2004, 18:35

  8. Dan, this is just mean!

    You didn't even let him befriend a small boy and have adventures on a motorbike-you didn't even let him learn to FLY!!! 'sob'sob'

    And I have no idea why it would be anything to do with any flavour of Jam.

    21 Dec 2004, 18:49

  9. Of course you don't. Yet.

    Look beyond the Snowman.

    21 Dec 2004, 18:59

  10. The viscosity and surface tension of strawberry jam is such that it solidifies at a slightly higher temperature than, say, loganberry jam. This makes strawberry jam more suitable for use as a snowdude adhesive compound.

    Unfortunately, global warming disrupted the global strawberry jam supply chain and, as a result, the creator was forced to use the less-desirable loganberries. Hence meltage.

    21 Dec 2004, 19:37

  11. A thought: would a Chinese person see the cartoon as showing a snowman being miraculously formed from a puddle of slush?

    21 Dec 2004, 19:38

  12. Sarah Cooper

    'Snowball warming' anyone?!

    I'm afraid I think tour cartoon is fundamentally flawed, since it requires actual snow. In England.

    21 Dec 2004, 20:10

  13. I know nothing about strawberry jam melting the snowman, i just find it disturbing what u have done- poor snowman. I think yr just making up the strawberry jam part to lead us on some wild goose chase. Shame on you (on both parts)

    21 Dec 2004, 20:59

  14. Very good Phillipa! Wild goose do indeed feature, however they are not chasing anything. The secret of the jam is yet to be uncovered and the snowman itself is but an icon of loss, embodied in the transient beauty of man as snow. In other words:


    21 Dec 2004, 21:04

  15. Mathew Mannion

    I think this is all Niezsche's fault.

    21 Dec 2004, 21:41

  16. The true meaning is : Melting ?

    Or is it just thsat the hat will remain come what may?

    Of course neither of the above bear any relationship to strawberry jam.

    21 Dec 2004, 21:50

  17. And thats why they are wrong.

    Another hint: Mat is not really a turtle.

    21 Dec 2004, 21:54

  18. This is what happens when you teach philosophy to a computer scientist.

    22 Dec 2004, 00:35

  19. Snowmen are directly responsible for songs that get covered by Nightwish in most awesome ways.

    22 Dec 2004, 01:43

  20. Mathew Mannion

    Actually, I thought Dan was a Philosopher learning Computer Science, a far more dangerous prospect.

    22 Dec 2004, 09:06

  21. Has the snowman consumed his traditional seasonal feast of Goose smothered in Strawberry Jam, the rare inner-arctic delicacy, but realises too late that it's heat , necessary to create it's sumptuous flavour is too much for ice innerds, therefore resulting in snowdude collapse?!

    22 Dec 2004, 11:16

  22. Lies make baby Jesus cry.

    think about that

    22 Dec 2004, 15:42

  23. They do indeed, and i shall remember that.

    22 Dec 2004, 18:47

  24. but did you think about it?!

    23 Dec 2004, 15:20

  25. I thought about it. And recalled it was a Simpsons quote. And then wondered a while.

    23 Dec 2004, 18:12

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