December 25, 2004

The obligatory Christmas Day entry

Apparently to shore up my power blogger status I have to make an entry on Christmas Day. I'll be honest I haven't prepared anything funny for today, I've left all my good blogging ideas for another day and I've not done anything non-stereotypical to provide you with a way to vicariously live a life of the slightly eccentric.

Instead you are stuck with me; uncut. Thats not a haircut gag, I told you there's nothing funny here today.

Last night then, I decided to go out with the friends from back here in sunny Northampton (You've not heard of Northampton? We made shoes? No? Lift tower? Never mind). The original plan was to go and buy some tickets for a club so me and my good chum were going in to town ridiculously early to start the drinking off and aquire some tickets. Of course, as is his way, he was late in getting ready and I was able to endure enjoy the delights of the Princess Diaries until we finally escaped an hour late. We picked up another of my old school associates on the way and then made our way to 'spoons for drinks and dinner. I knew I was drunk when I started making lewd salt sculptures on the table.

The club we were aiming for seemed to be erring on the side of closed and a sign outside informed us that they had put the prices up since yesterday. Enthusiasm for the place was waning and in the end we never went there. First however our delightful driver arrived in the form of my good chum's lady of choice and we were house party bound. It is here that I began to feel strangely displaced and square peg like. By some bizzare fluke almost everyone I know seems to be in a long term relationship; some with marriage plans, others with mortgages and tumble driers for Christmas. As if thats not enough, there was a disturbing preponderance towards serious careers in banking and multinational mega corporations. Everyone seems to be considering a masters, Phd or teaching qualification to add to their earning potential. Then there's me, no great ambitions, slacker lifestyle, philosophy degree, low paid 'artistic' job and a different failed relationship every year. I love them all with our crazy countryside haunts and that massive shared history, but somewhere I seem to have drifted.

Back in school I would never have picked me, among my friends, as the one who'd be flying the flag for irresponsibility. I guess everyone changes.

The night continued and I descended into thoughtfulness for a while, until I was handed a brown concoction involving too much vodka and, like a moth to flame, I was drawn to the dance floor.

Thank god my hair is awesome.

Today, in case it has escaped your notice, is Christmas. I don't go in for much of the christmas crazy, but I like giving and getting the presents. I got everything I wanted (except a pirate hat) and some nice extra things too. Thank you to all my fantastic family, for the food and the laughs.

Thank you to everyone at the Arts Centre and especially you super fantastic STARS marketeers, keep your eye on the apple of truth. Much love to all the volounteers who've kept the youth group going this term, may it go from strength to strength. Thanks to the bloggers who've kept me entertained in the evenings this term, I feel at home among you. Thanks to the lecturers who've kept me awake and mostly turning up all term, quite a feat. Thanks to everyone who's supported VGDSoc, you're all special people. Thanks to my friends, and especially my house mates for being awesome (We unlocked Donkey Kong!). And thanks to my new drinking buddy for giving me some competition in my quest for world domination.

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  1. Wow, you truly are full of the Christmas spirit. I'm mightily impressed, and feel a slight warming sensation near my liver.

    25 Dec 2004, 20:57

  2. I live in Northamptonshire about 10 miles from Northampton so by extension I have heard of and even been there. Well that's one person at least…

    25 Dec 2004, 22:48

  3. Mathew Mannion

    Donkey Kong!

    26 Dec 2004, 00:50

  4. A slightly sad entry, but honest. It scared me!

    Merry boxing day Dan.

    26 Dec 2004, 14:07

  5. Sarah

    So all your friends are in happy lovey-dovey land…

    marriages fail you know.
    You'll be the lucky one next year when they're all miserable and you're still irresponsible, slacker, artistic Lawrence.

    Christmas joy all round!

    26 Dec 2004, 14:30

  6. New Drinking Buddy

    Watch out for poisoned Yule Log


    26 Dec 2004, 20:21

  7. Indeed Sarah marriages do fail and I was thankful that at least my friend (younger than me) with one divorce already under her belt was not there to share in the general grown-up ness of it all :)

    Poisoned Yule log eh? I'll remember that.

    26 Dec 2004, 22:08

  8. New Drinking Buddy

    But remember, I am a master of trickery and could be calling your bluff. Never sit in a room with your back to the door. I am always watching… waiting… :)

    26 Dec 2004, 23:38

  9. Mathew Mannion

    A lovely bit of Christmas joy there, Sarah :)

    27 Dec 2004, 04:42

  10. Sarah

    I was being cheery!
    So revelling in others misery to make yourself feel better may not be the most christian of actions but Dan should be glad he isnt involved in the horrendously messy relationship stuff that has a tendency to go oops.

    Need to breathe now.

    27 Dec 2004, 19:11

  11. Mathew Mannion

    Perhaps, I still fail to see how "Marriages fail you know." is cheery :P

    27 Dec 2004, 23:41

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