February 08, 2005

The full banana experience

So yesterday I finally got around to checking out the new 'Carter enhanced' Top Banana. As has been mentioned elsewhere The Video Game Design Society was out in force celebrating our official recognition with some fine drinking and not quite so fine grooving. Also there was the awesome Jigsaw youth group posse celebrating our first proper social gathering of the year. On top of that there were also some other bloggers, Benefactors folk and some lovely sabbaticals.

I got quite drunk on whiskey and then bizarrely refused to take my coat off, which led to me getting rather overly heated towards the end of the evening and downing water by the pint load. I did however win this:

For joining the dancefloor first (despite arriving after 10) and am proud to say I barely moved from the floor all night, thats stamina people. The music was varied enough to keep everyone happy and the place didn't take long to fill up, by midnight the floor was so packed we could barely mosh it up properly to Guns and Roses with that song that never ends.

I'd like to thank the girl who tried to talk to me for a long time, who I really didn't recognise even though I probably should have. I don't know what you said to me or what you thought I said to you, but thank you anyway.

My run in with the police last week appears to have made it into The Boar which nicely rounds up the week of crazy. To make up for the overload; this week will be paced far more sedately, featuring lots of me sitting down and studying for my degree.

I swear this on my blog.

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  1. Stamina indeed!

    We rocked out. Will we ever rock again, who knows? But we showed our VGDSocian minions how to hit it, and hit it hard.

    08 Feb 2005, 23:57

  2. you've linked to me – hooray! You are very cool, officially so… no less.

    09 Feb 2005, 01:36

  3. I like to hit it and hit it hard (if by hit you mean pound continuosly with a metal bar until its sufficiently warped to feare in a Dahli clock, and by it you mean that old bag in the student shop who has told me for two days running that my photos would be in the next day and talks to me as it its my fault they are not in)

    I needed to get that out

    09 Feb 2005, 18:08

  4. *feature

    09 Feb 2005, 18:09

  5. I am of the opinion your run in with the police was a tactical and preplanned publicity stunt to fashion an image as a rebel without a cause and thus gain you huge support along the electorate.

    Nice work!!

    12 Feb 2005, 01:06

  6. As devious as that would have been:

    A) it didn't work.
    B) As my interview in the boar shows, I wasn't exactly sticking it to the man by surrendering my toy gun and commenting on the reasonableness of it all.
    C) My powers are great but they don't extend to ensuring the police will show up at my mock suicide attempts.

    12 Feb 2005, 01:24

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