September 05, 2005

The Big Flake

Today I at last finished moving into my new home in Leamington Spa. With all the moving around I've been doing it feels like I've barely been living here, despite collecting the keys around three weeks ago. Now though its sinking in; phase one completed in the master plan, university is over and I've truly moved away from the family home. The safety net is gone and, along with my companions in Fort Awesome, Real Life™ must begin.

Phase two of the plan is to find a way of surviving (producing the hard cash) that I enjoy and this is likely to take considerably longer. I think many less than perfect jobs will have to be endured and discarded as I search for that holy grail. My current dream is to make money from designing indie computer games and selling them through a web portal. The problem with this plan is its very risky and provides no immediate cash injection of which I am sorely in need. Yet I suspect I will make moves in that direction anyway, while searching for something else with the other hand. What I am at core is a dreamer, I live in my own mind for a large part of my life and I want to bring these dreams to life. I'm not bothered by having large amounts of money. I'm not going to be a banker in the city. I just want to get by well enough and make challenging, groundbreaking, critically acclaimed entertainment.

I also want a robot.

I wonder what phase three is though? If I achieved the dream; what next? Is there something else to do?

Schopenhauer described life as being a cycle of desire, fleeting satisfaction and boredom. I guess for me I could satisfy myself by continually improving my creative output, maybe one day saving up enough cash to build my own house (with robots). Then I can retire and open that pub (non-smoking, no kids, no food – I figure we'll all need some way of making money in retirement plus I like sitting around in pubs). At weekends I will draw. Or maybe I won't, I'm not sure I like planning that far ahead. Makes life less exciting, If I stick to it I've already surrendered control of my life to a plan, I'll be stuck doing these things. Maybe I'll keep it loose instead, just go with what the mood takes. Make sure I'm enjoying myself all the time, that kind of basic stuff.

I'm always meaning to write more blogs; I've planned loads in my mind. There is the hillarious Jehovah's Witness Leaflet Parody Entry, The Entry In Which I Draw Your Attention To The Work Of Always Black and The Entry In Which I Explain The Educational Power Of Wikis. I think I'll have to come clean and just admit to being a flake, these entries will never get made. I'd just rather be doing other things, or else I would have done them.

Then again…

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  1. I have a plan too.

    It's a good plan, I can't remember the specifics though :(

    05 Sep 2005, 04:04

  2. I think you might want to have a look at your tagging baby.

    I just hope that your dreams have enuf space in em to accomidate mine. Largely this is a cat. It'll probably have to be a cat who isn't afraid of robots.
    Or maybe one that is afraid of robots would be more fun.
    Looking forward to seeing you later :)

    05 Sep 2005, 08:36

  3. Mathew Mannion

    I don't see anything wrong with Dan's tagging? Except that he obviously wrote "Late Night Musings" as opposed to Late_Night_Musings…

    05 Sep 2005, 09:12

  4. yeah, that's what I was referring to, it just looks odd when alphabetised :)

    05 Sep 2005, 09:22

  5. Actually I wrote 'musings philosophy late night'. I'm not convinced late_night would be an improvement, I don't mind people who are searching for just regular night time stuff coming upon my blog.

    05 Sep 2005, 11:32

  6. looks like u've got late musings on the topic od the philosophy of night.
    Actually that don't sound too bad as a blog entry. If only I mused or thunk.

    05 Sep 2005, 14:18

  7. I don't know why, but I assumed that Fort Awesome must be in Coventry…. I was wrong.

    07 Sep 2005, 10:09

  8. Coventry was blessed with my presence long enough.

    07 Sep 2005, 11:10

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