January 08, 2005

The 51st entry (in a row)

A long time ago I wrote an entry about blog addiction, my concern at the time being that it would stop me getting any work done, these fears prompted me to stop blogging for a while to try and focus on academic things. Well it turns out I was absolutely right, since I had my faith restored in blogging by finding people in the real world who read my words, I've managed to do less and less work. Yet somehow, I can't resent the blogs for helping me down the road to slacker-dom.

I've made many awesome new friends through blogging, allowing me to wave two fingers to the people who accused me of slipping into a 'sad', friendless life of pointlessness. I've also found a new outlet for my creativity, and hopefully made a few people smile in the process.

I've mocked the idea of PDP in the past but I think that this is what the blogs have helped me with, I've become a lot more comfortable with the me that I am and felt confident enough to just be. Of course there are other causes, but a very large part of it is the blogs. They are a source of constant entertainment, distraction and community. A place to let some of your public mask drop for a while and recreate yourself how you like.

Warwick Blogs; I salute you.

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  1. You've made me smile :)

    08 Jan 2005, 17:14

  2. I almost stopped frowning for a second there.

    08 Jan 2005, 17:20

  3. Mathew Mannion

    I knew Dan before blogs!

    08 Jan 2005, 17:30

  4. So did I! For about 30 seconds at a party somewhere… but still.

    08 Jan 2005, 17:35

  5. That was such a cool thing to say. And you're very good at being you, I'd advise you to keep up with it.

    08 Jan 2005, 17:55

  6. I have to agree here. Been scribbling on the internet in some form and with varying frequency for years now, and although I've always enjoyed it, I think the sense of community the Warwick blog system has managed to achieve in such a short time is really impressive. Definitely seconded.

    08 Jan 2005, 18:01

  7. Indeed. I was initially annoyed at Blogs for costing me £20 (which I've yet to pay), but then that was really just the University scrounging money, the Blogs themselves have been pretty awesome and although I knew people like Sam and Dan a little bit already, I know them better than I would without their random scribblings. Everyone I know via the blogs, you're all awesome, and you should all come to Collie next week so the virtual bloggedness can be backed up with some real life drinking and optionally fighting with sticks.

    08 Jan 2005, 18:09

  8. Blog?

    08 Jan 2005, 19:20

  9. So moving was this entry, I started my own blog.

    Who can say what horrors were unleashed this day?

    For such is the power of awesome.

    08 Jan 2005, 19:35

  10. Mathew Mannion

    Oh God, TWO Lawrence's on the blog system :(

    08 Jan 2005, 20:01

  11. Laura

    Lovely :-)

    09 Jan 2005, 16:44

  12. Jesus forgives you

    11 Jan 2005, 21:54

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