December 12, 2004

Spin a web, any size.

A new chapter in my blog tonight. I decided I didn't have enough 'Features' that I can shamelessly exploit when I run out of good ideas. Therefore Awesome Icons was born, a weekly slot where we examine an interesting and inspiring figure from real and true history.

First up we have that great hero of the people: Spider-man

Spider-man as we all know is Amazing (It says so at the top of his comics), but what you also may not realise is the way he stands as an awesome example of human progression.

Spider-man starts out as a clever young kid called Peter Parker, mostly kids laugh at him. Then one day he is geeking out to the max at a science exhibition taking photos, when he reaches some kind of geek apex (probably by quoting Star Trek while simultaneously being rejected by the love of his life) and he is recognised with the gift of super powers.

From now on Peter Parker is Spider-man, he can probably do all kinds of super exciting things in bed and all the hottest women in the city suddenly can't get enough of him. He also gets to beat up criminals at night and get away with it because he's super strong and can dodge bullets. Nothing could be more awesome. This a guy who is super clever, super strong, irresistable to women, can swing through New york city in under 3 minutes and spends his spare time helping people/smacking down bad guys and teaching disadvantaged kids.

Sometimes he even delivers pizza.

There is a lesson here for us all. If you can just be geeky enough you too will get super powers and can be as awesome as Spiderman.

Awesomeness points: 75/100

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  1. What are your geekiest moments blog fans?

    12 Dec 2004, 01:46

  2. On the basis of "a shared experience is a good experience," can I nominate the inaugural Blog Social as a contender?
    (Must Do Better next time.)

    12 Dec 2004, 02:07

  3. A good contender Simon but surely that was no more geeky than the Video Game Design Societies weekly meetings.

    At least the blog social featured a girl.

    12 Dec 2004, 02:33

  4. Very true.

    Didn't Peter Parker get bitten by a radioactive spider or is that me just making up some crazy shit? Nonetheless a good topic, I think next week you should find a totally obscure superhero who nobody's heard of, and make him famous. He/She deserves it, probably.

    12 Dec 2004, 08:39

  5. Nonetheless? Nevertheless.

    12 Dec 2004, 08:40

  6. Spider-man was indeed bitten by a radioactive spider at the science museum (genetically modified spider in the recent film), but the question is why did the spider choose him? Pure geekyness of course.

    We'll have to see who I think is awesome next week.

    12 Dec 2004, 10:52

  7. Ah, there you have it.

    12 Dec 2004, 11:39

  8. Alex Tissandier

    Dude you just gave away Spiderman's secret identity :(

    12 Dec 2004, 22:22

  9. Luckily, I blocked this entry from they eyes of super villains with my own special powers.

    13 Dec 2004, 14:07

  10. unimpressed

    .........hmmm. you should watch Nathan Barley (prob spelt wrong)
    think you would c a huge comparrison

    figured you probly r’nt takin it seriously :P

    09 Aug 2006, 14:54

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