November 27, 2004

Radio killed the blog star

Radio Warwick 1251AM

Is the student radio station of choice, where you can hear the dulcet tones of my good self (if I'm guesting), the amazing comedy stylings of Carly Jenkins, the master of the music, the mighty Greg Jones (not that Greg Jones) and the grand overlord himself; Gavin "The Nutter" Rutter.

All available delievered to your desktop or AM radio, every sunday between 12 and 1 o'clock. It would be wrong in so many ways to miss it. So set your alarms for 5 to 12, enjoy your lie in, and then switch on to "All Day Breakfast".

We desire your request emails and amusing comments sent to:

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  1. Greg

    Unfortunately, neither gavin (he's working) nor carly(she's up norf somewhere) will be there tomorrow, so just me and you dan (and anyone else who turns up?), so get your requests in, either replying to this, or emailing the studio between 12 and 1 tomorrow.

    27 Nov 2004, 18:36

  2. Well, obviously i endorse all publicity for 1251Am!

    But lie ins? hmmmm
    they're over rated mate

    It all about In Bed With Jack and Ed

    You know you love it!!!

    27 Nov 2004, 18:36

  3. Greg

    Indeed, I loved it last week and will probably be loving it tomorrow. Even if a Nina Jayne CD wasn't enough to get you to make me breakfast…

    27 Nov 2004, 18:39

  4. Marcus Richardson

    I think i've listened to you before. Are you the show with that guess the bird feature? i like it, always a shrew, but still entertaining. Although, maybe that's the show starting at one now i think about it. i will endeavour to tune it at 12 however, just make sure i'm entertained!

    27 Nov 2004, 18:40

  5. Greg

    You're getting mixed up with another show, and it's rodents not birds. And it was entertaining, but dunno what happened to them. If you email in tomorrow between 12 and 1 Mr. Richardson, we may be able to say the word "shrew" on air, just for you.

    27 Nov 2004, 18:45

  6. Of course, we are always entertaining.

    I would also like to second that people make that extra effort and get up early enough to catch Jack and Ed's Show, but if you can't, well we are always here to soothe your pain.

    Gavin has objected to his megolomaniacal title in my blog, so from now on we will know him simply as regular old Gav, the foil to Carly's powers of confusion.

    27 Nov 2004, 18:46

  7. Mathew Mannion

    It's a magical show, hillarious and with some good moosac too. And they promise to give you breakfast if you listen, apparantly. And sex you u.

    27 Nov 2004, 18:48

  8. Mathew Mannion

    Not to be confused by "All day breakfast", which is confusing

    27 Nov 2004, 18:49

  9. It all makes perfect sense. At least it will if you tune in.

    27 Nov 2004, 20:17

  10. I'd like to request that well known David Bowie classic – the laughing gnome. I think that'd be worth tuning in for…

    27 Nov 2004, 20:28

  11. I'll see what I can do.

    27 Nov 2004, 20:36

  12. Greg

    I think we could play a bowie song, but probably not that one….as it's a bit pants.

    27 Nov 2004, 20:39

  13. I have to say I've never heard it. At least, not that I can remember.

    27 Nov 2004, 20:41

  14. I think you'd remember it if you heard it.

    Another Bowie song? How about "Magic Dance"?

    27 Nov 2004, 20:55

  15. We'll have to see what the RaW library has, as I only have Jean Genie and Rebel Rebel in my limited music collection.

    27 Nov 2004, 21:01

  16. And also, email your requests in during the show. That way we have the RaW library handy and can give you instant gratification.

    28 Nov 2004, 01:01

  17. Tom Lawrence

    Well, I'm excited.

    No, really.

    I'm genuinely enthusiastic.


    28 Nov 2004, 01:40

  18. You are really you just hide it well. I know you'll be listening.

    Really, I'm crying on the inside at your cutting words.

    28 Nov 2004, 02:27

  19. Good show lads, most entertaining, though unusually sparse in terms of the people there…?

    thanks to anyone who set their alarm clock for In Bed With Jack and Ed

    28 Nov 2004, 14:33

  20. Mathew Mannion

    Good show kids

    28 Nov 2004, 14:36

  21. Yes, as mentioned on the show and above Gav and Carly couldn't make it along this week.

    Glad that everyone enjoyed what they heard :)

    We should be back again, same time, next week.

    28 Nov 2004, 14:54

  22. Yes, no gav again next week, but Carly should be there, and me, and probably dan.
    I was listening to IBWJAE (how's that for a catchy acronym? it could almost be a business school module…) and when the net-stream wasn't cutting out, it was very good.

    28 Nov 2004, 19:17

  23. Tom Lawrence

    I liked the show. Entertainingly eclectic.

    29 Nov 2004, 08:48

  24. Guest presented this week by the mighty crab seal himself.

    29 Nov 2004, 10:33

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