February 15, 2005

My awesome sense tells me deadlines are approaching

As my blogfrequency rises and quality fluctuates wildly, I reflect on whether the warwick blogging blogomenon is finally being accepted by the wider blogmunity. With a blog now launched by our very own delightful Students Union president and the number of bloggers reaching some kind of blogcritical mass, are we on the precipice of a blogtopia?

Will there soon be blogfests on the grassy fields behind rootes blogs, I mean blocks, will blogs be discussed in special bloginars? Will lecturers deliver their lectures through the medium blog? Will The Boar, Raw and Warwick TV pack up their current operations and deliver everything via the blogstream? Will the Arts Centre become a giant computer for witnessing the 500 foot wide blog monster?

A new language 'blogish' is already beginning to emerge from the blogfringe with common english words like 'trackback', 'mother' and 'funny' taking on blogfidious new meanings that defy blogsplantion. Will there soon be gangs of bloggers hanging around on street corners shouting 'you smell of mother' at passing innocents?

Only blogtime will blogtell.

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  1. This sounds like a good plan, how well would haagen dasz sell to blog audiences i wonder…

    15 Feb 2005, 22:56

  2. if people do end up on street corners shouting 'you smell of mother' you can bet your bottom dollar that it will start in Chatham (shudder).

    15 Feb 2005, 23:23

  3. Oh grow up

    Excuse me, I'm just off to throw eggs at something while wearing a silly hat.

    15 Feb 2005, 23:42

  4. Blogtastic

    16 Feb 2005, 03:28

  5. Mathew Mannion

    You forgot your blogpills again

    16 Feb 2005, 07:06

  6. are they like (dried) frogs pills?

    16 Feb 2005, 09:38

  7. Daaan, just step back from the computer, look around you, there are other….or at least I thought…how long have I been sitting here?! '_'

    16 Feb 2005, 11:12

  8. It happens all the time Claire… All the time.

    16 Feb 2005, 11:35

  9. Blogtopia can never exist. Metanarratives went out of fashion in the seventies…

    16 Feb 2005, 18:24

  10. [tuts] you po po-mo mo-fo's, always trying to ruin everyone's fun

    17 Feb 2005, 00:49

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