January 07, 2005

Last one on the blogs…

Today I spent another day frolicking with my fellow bloggers. I love you guys.

We met up in 'the bar' which is a bar. Then James got us all drunk on vodka and I sang along to power ballads.

The evening finished with some buffy watching at my house.

I'm now stupid tired from going to uni at 9am ish for the past three stupid days and going out every stupid evening beforehand till stupid late.

Which is stupid.

Stupid stupid stupid.

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  1. Mathew Mannion

    Lend me Buffy!

    07 Jan 2005, 23:42

  2. What time did you guys leave the bar?

    For the record after I left it took me nearly 50 minutes to actually get into the gym due to a series of monetry cockups and high winds. I then wandered home where I watched 'Singing In The Rain' and ended the evening slumped at the bar in Kelseys having the world's most depressing conversation with Jen who was lovely about it and didn't try and run away until her bus came…

    07 Jan 2005, 23:49

  3. We left at about 3–4ish I guess. Don't be sad Holly.

    I'll MSN you happy, if you like.

    07 Jan 2005, 23:56

  4. You managed to make Sam miss a day of blogging.

    08 Jan 2005, 00:03

  5. I'm an evil man.

    08 Jan 2005, 00:27

  6. I'm sorry. See my latest post.

    Cheer up Holly. Let's watch some funny stuff some time soon. That always helps me…

    08 Jan 2005, 00:58

  7. I met u, it was fun and i'm drunk (altho i didn't drink with you). Next time the bloggers meet i'll be there. I'm sorry i didn't have your vodka and coke but next time i shall, but today i played centurian and it was fun and now i'm drunk. ha ha ha ha. I'll look forward to it, poor sam who missed a day blogging, shame on you!!!

    08 Jan 2005, 02:33

  8. I feel proud to have played even a small part in that….or something.
    As the first Buffy epsidodes I have seen in their entirety, I have to say I'm not impressed…

    08 Jan 2005, 09:16

  9. Greg!! How could you say that? You have to give Buffy time to sink it's claws into you, then you will understand. Really you should watch it from The Beginning…

    08 Jan 2005, 10:36

  10. That's the problem with many Good Things. You have to start from the beginning, which is often Not So Good.

    08 Jan 2005, 11:31

  11. Watching buffy is a valuable part of passing your degree. What did you think the general essay paper was about?

    08 Jan 2005, 12:02

  12. Mathew Mannion

    The first episode is probably the rubbishest bit of TV ever, I really don't see how watching The Beginning helps

    08 Jan 2005, 14:05

  13. Because it's The Beginning. I do think it's worth skipping most of the rest of the first series though, it gets kinda poor.

    08 Jan 2005, 14:14

  14. Ok, first series is average to poor. Seventh, definately poor. The fourth series, however, was brilliant, the best, amazing. Etc. But you have to get to know the characters and the histories and whatnot before you can appreciate the beauty of the later episodes.

    I suppose it also helps if you secretly want to be a vampire slayer.

    08 Jan 2005, 14:21

  15. The movie was a classic piece of cheese tho!

    08 Jan 2005, 15:33

  16. You should also develop an unhealthy passion for 'Angel'. The show, not the man.

    This will get you extra credit.

    08 Jan 2005, 16:30

  17. I'm not convinced.
    And interestingly, you (Sarah) say the seventh series is poor, but as far as I could tell, the general consensus last night was that the 2nd and 7th were contenders for the best?
    Cry havoc and let slip the dogs (vampires?) of war!

    08 Jan 2005, 16:48

  18. No no no, seventh series is RUBBISH! It takes itself too seriously and Buffy gives lots of cheesy speeches. I loved the second series but mostly because Angel was perfect. Yes, PERFECT.

    08 Jan 2005, 16:53

  19. I'm personally a big fan of the third. Despite commiting the heinous crime of not having enough Spike in it; the mayor is the most convincing 'big bad' and all the plotlines that develop over the latter four series are begun here.

    The seventh wasn't that bad, it had some good moments (like Xander losing an eye, holy shiiiiiii) and it had a better finale than Angel.

    08 Jan 2005, 17:05

  20. The third has a wicked finale. Overall though I think the best of the bad guys has to be Dracula! Series 5, episode 1. Now that's classic Buffy.

    08 Jan 2005, 17:12

  21. Yes! I really want to see that episode again.

    08 Jan 2005, 17:27

  22. Then you'll have to be nice to me, cause I've got it and you haven't, mwahaha!

    08 Jan 2005, 17:34

  23. Mathew Mannion

    The whole last episode left me thinking "Well, that was a rubbish ending" if I'm honest. (To series 7, I thought the season 3 finale was quite alright)

    08 Jan 2005, 17:46

  24. Yeah, the series seven finale was disappointing. I need to stop commenting and start working!

    08 Jan 2005, 17:54

  25. I saw the second and third season as a bit of a golden age, to be honest. Never quite recaptured that, although did come close during the fifth.

    In the final few years, Buffy was indeed routinely made to look awful by Angel.

    08 Jan 2005, 17:57

  26. Thank god we have Scrubs.

    08 Jan 2005, 18:00

  27. And The West Wing!

    08 Jan 2005, 18:01

  28. *Non-Buffy fan changes subject*
    Sounds like I missed out on meeting lots more bloggers by leaving so early. Probably for the best, given my prediction was almost entirely correct – I ended up sleeping for several hours as soon as I got home (2:30pm) :-)

    Bring on the next social!

    08 Jan 2005, 19:22

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