January 04, 2005

Last night

Last night was a party for… Eleanor? Who has just come back from Dijon in France to spend the week in exciting Leamington. As me and Eleanor are dear friends going way back I thought it only proper to come and celebrate this magnificent occasion, which may also have been her birthday. Whatever the occasion, the signal went up and I had to summon the gang, there was partying to be done.

We begun at my house, that secret hotbed of intruige and awesome that is home to myself and Mat 'Ladykiller' Mannion, erstwhile King of Wales and power blogger extraordinaire. I told him that a party was in danger and he did not hesitate in swinging into action, and once I had got him down from the rope we were ready to roll. We strode with purpose to the bus stop and were soon closing in on the destination.

Researching the party had led us to only one conclusion; we needed more firepower. Luckily the third member of our superhero squad was in town and he's got all the power that you could ever need. Sam 'So Evil' Boulby was summoned to us and the group was at full strength. Thanks to our sidekick Simon 'Sidekick' Young I was able to match real directions to my drunken recollections and navigate us safely to the party location.

We swept through the door with our billowing black coats, that demarcate us from the masses, and quickly assesed the situation. My nemesis was here and no doubt brewing some diabolical scheme, acting swiftly I deployed beer.

There was punch, cocktails (god, what was in those cocktails Sarah) and vodka jelly. Simon Young arrived soon enough and all of us chatted about blogs and other random stuff as I gradually got totally drunk. I'm sure I made some new friends, with a pornographic couple and a ex-boxing, slacker called Cath (I think).

There were some very amusing fireworks, one went awry and nearly flew into the crowd but we all survived intact. The funniest ones made a tremendous wooshing noise as they flew into the sky and then, just as that faded out, a rather embarrasingly quiet 'pop' with no noticable sparks. Sadly, nothing was set on fire.

I reached 'silly drunk' on the drunkometer and fired off all the party poppers at Sam, all 30 odd of them. It didn't seem to get boring. then almost as soon as we arrived it was time to go, no time even for a proper sing-a-long. We walked back towards the centre of town and geeked out Simon to the max with GI Joe.

Somehow I had mistaken 11:03 for 11:30 and thus me and Mat missed the last bus home and instead got the most expensive taxi ever. I was too drunk to care, Mat will kill me later probably. I left a lovely message for Greg and then went to bed with Buffy.


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  1. It got boring cleaning up the 30 odd party poppers!

    Taxis eh… should've come back to the party. We sang Busted after you left.

    04 Jan 2005, 14:06

  2. mmmm buffy

    04 Jan 2005, 14:38

  3. :(

    04 Jan 2005, 14:42

  4. Mathew Mannion

    Mm.. Ladykiller. I didn't touch her! You can't prove anything! Shiiiiiiiiiiii…

    The party was indeed very good, and the cocktails were indeed very alcoholic and strange. I think Dan 'Awesome' Lawrence drank one of the ones we christened "Da Shit", which me and Sam had too… think that had Baileys, milk, chocolate liquer and another ingredient that I knew when I tasted it but can't remember now.

    The other one was chocolate orange according to Dan, but on taste tasted like BURNING DEATH. The aniseed extraordinaire that I had though, which didn't even taste alcoholic but probably had rum, vodka, whiskey and urine in seemed fine. Come to think of it, it was just about the colour of urine…

    Firing off 30 party poppers was indeed fun, especially when after gently pulling the string (but not hard enough to pop it) Dan screamed "It didn't work!" and threw it at me instead, and I popped it back at him.

    About 5 times.


    04 Jan 2005, 14:51

  5. Mathew Mannion

    You missed the part where me, you and Sam were re-enacting GI Joe on the walk back, much to Simon's terror.

    04 Jan 2005, 14:51

  6. "and geeked out Simon to the max with GI Joe".

    No I didn't.

    Much fun.

    04 Jan 2005, 15:01

  7. Mathew Mannion

    Oh yes

    04 Jan 2005, 15:03

  8. Mmm, missed yet another blog social. I'm beginning to wonder if anyone cares…

    Glances round empty room in paranoid style

    04 Jan 2005, 15:24

  9. it wasn't a real blog social. That's coming on Friday week 2.

    I have it on good authority that you are the guest of honour.

    04 Jan 2005, 15:37

  10. Hey, those cocktails were nice! Only Dan's had urine in.

    04 Jan 2005, 15:40

  11. I knew you liked me best.

    04 Jan 2005, 16:46

  12. Mat, you mis-spelled "Da Schjit".

    You'll all be delighted to know the evening has been captured for posterity in pictures. Oh yes.

    04 Jan 2005, 17:22

  13. My drink was furry. It was FURRY for God's sake! You're lucky you weren't there Holly, by the time Sarah got to doing yours, lord alone knows what would have been in it…

    04 Jan 2005, 19:55

  14. Sarah Cooper

    It was supposed to be furry Sam :) I told you it was called the 'Death Cocktail' before you accepted it.

    04 Jan 2005, 21:45

  15. Mathew Mannion

    Yes, mine were nice, and so was Dan's to an extent… Sam's wasnt, unfortunately…

    You say they were nice, but shouting "damn" when I said that aniseedy-one was nice added to the effect

    04 Jan 2005, 23:18

  16. Ok, you got me. I was trying to kill you all. Next time…

    05 Jan 2005, 11:59

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