April 10, 2005

Its a hat blog

Writing about web page http://blog.villagehatshop.com/

As Monty Python taught us long ago, people aren't wearing enough hats.

The link above is to a blog about hats (well its really a cunning ad for a hat shop, but its a pretty good hat shop if you live in the US), I like hats and wish I possessed many more. I'm always jealous of other people with hats automatically.

Hats then. They let you change the appearance of your head which, really, is what everyone is looking at most of the time. So you can become presidential, magisterial, piratical, hospital, gangster and ninja all with the application of the earth's most stylish invention.

From the fez to the fedora, hats are worn by the great and good. I mean check that Indiana Jones, a man with a hat that defines him and provides many memorable moments. Jack Sparrow, the coolest of pirates, always displays appropriate headgear and looks all the more awesome for it.

However hats do have a dark side, as anyone who watched the royal wedding footage yesterday will be aware. Putting that aside though, take a risk and wear a hat.

Preferably a stovepipe.

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  1. Fez… ye-ah. I'd like to mention my friend-in-extravagent hat wearing, Paul

    Although, what hat is especially presidential?

    10 Apr 2005, 20:34

  2. most of the hats at the wedding were very nice. I was particularly fond of camillas two items of headwear
    I like pointy things

    10 Apr 2005, 20:35

  3. Why the stovepipe of course.

    10 Apr 2005, 20:35

  4. Prince Williiam could have used a hat to cover his premature hair loss.

    10 Apr 2005, 20:37

  5. he's just like daddy

    10 Apr 2005, 20:37

  6. Absolutely. Perhaps it's time the Royal Family got some wear out of their crowns and wore them everyday. Either that, or a yarmulke would hide his bald spot.

    10 Apr 2005, 20:40

  7. "when you say 'enough', enough for what purpose…?"


    10 Apr 2005, 20:41

  8. I think he'd look spiffing in a pithy little pork pie number.

    And he'd look smoother that silk in a zucchetto . I'd love to get that in scrabble.

    10 Apr 2005, 20:46

  9. That Paul looks a bit like Hugh Laurie…
    Oh wait, I finished all the episodes. So I can.

    10 Apr 2005, 20:56

  10. He really does. He should get together with Sam and then we just need a Baldrick and a Stephen Fry look-a-like to have a regular cast!

    10 Apr 2005, 21:06

  11. By the way Brent did you watch Blackadder 'back and forth' in your grand rewatch? It was the milennium special, I had completely forgot it until I saw the video on the shelf the other day.

    Hats are, of course, much worn in Blackadder.

    10 Apr 2005, 21:09

  12. I want a hat, I found an official indiana jones fedora doodah, but it has indiana jones branding which makes it tacky. I just want a hat in that style, maybe a bit darker though.

    10 Apr 2005, 21:15

  13. *continues thinking about pointy things

    *misses her knife

    10 Apr 2005, 21:18

  14. Dan: no, it is the one and only one that I haven't watched..this time. I have seen it before – in the Millenium Dome in fact :)

    10 Apr 2005, 22:39

  15. 10 Apr 2005, 23:17

  16. Hats are good, i had a black fluffy one that i wore all the time. I lost it though. I'm now making my brother travel all the way to Farnham to pick me up another one- oh happy days!

    10 Apr 2005, 23:50

  17. Shapka or fedora. Either rocks the world. If you've seen me you know it's true.

    10 Apr 2005, 23:58

  18. Your hat was awesome on me, I was sad to see it leave.

    11 Apr 2005, 00:02

  19. I wear a hat almost all the time when I go out. It brings me ever so slightly closer to being a real human. Well, it brings me closer to being mistaken for one, at least. Many awesome people wear hats, some of whom I could even name, if I wanted to.

    Two words: More Puppets. Er, and hats.

    11 Apr 2005, 07:20

  20. I have three hats, but only a floppy hippy one with a flower on with my at the moment.

    Not quite as stylish as the rest of these comments.

    Oh well.

    11 Apr 2005, 19:07

  21. Warren

    I have been considering the purchase of a beret, as I'm in the depths of France and all…

    11 Apr 2005, 19:23

  22. I have two real hats, and one i made from a box :)

    13 Apr 2005, 22:50

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