February 17, 2005

I wonder how long I can code before I explode…

Woke up this morning with the frightening realisation that a mere three days after I promised my project supervisor I'd be working morning and night to try and catch up on my project I had instead spent one day drinking, one day in misery and one day poncing about watching a film (Before Sunset, rather good I thought) attending training sessions (Duty of Care) and other random non-work related activities.

The amount of work achieved in these days was fairly limited.

So today I decided that it was time to start the dreaded crunch and I've been coding away since I awoke until now, and it looks like when I finish typing this I'll be going back to it. I find coding one of though must frustrating and boring things in the universe. To me this is like an exquisite form of torture, and yet I do it anyway. For the next few days this blog is likely to be limited on the funny as there are only so many hillarious jokes you can crack about coding for twelve hours straight.

Still only two more weeks till I have to present it… ARGH.

P.S. Sorry to all the humans who I have begun viciously cutting out of my life as a result of this project. Its nothing personal its just you aren't sections of code that I can insert into my project.

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  1. use the reward system, for every successful line of code take a shot of whatever takes ur fancy (feel free to save them up – this is usually more effective in getting a greater number of shots). I shall be using this method when I start my Fortran project this weekend :(

    17 Feb 2005, 19:11

  2. Fortran is a piece of piss ;-)

    17 Feb 2005, 19:13

  3. bah, bloody third year, done it all before, i'm crap at programming at the best of times, fortran is a pain in the effing arse

    17 Feb 2005, 19:21

  4. A whole day to watch Before Sunset? :p

    Good luck!

    17 Feb 2005, 19:28

  5. :(

    17 Feb 2005, 20:26

  6. i thought the point of 'exquiste' forms of torture was that you enjoy it ;-p

    18 Feb 2005, 00:19

  7. Awesome. Come see my play.


    18 Feb 2005, 12:05

  8. 7 hours of java today. Minimal progress


    19 Feb 2005, 01:03

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