August 11, 2005

Got Milk?

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Nick Howes is a man of many talents.

However his most noticeable feature is his love of milk, I know that living with him is going to be a pleasureable experience simply because our fridge will never fail to be stuffed with this white gold that I too have a great and, in many ways, terrible thirst for. The love of milk is entirely grounded in scientific fact and very powerful advertising, which, as we know, is better than scientific fact.

Nick Howes is also a Lance Corporal which should mean he brings a sense of military discipline to the other slack jawed yokels I'm forced to cohabit with. Freeing me up for a few of my favourite pursuits , which is excellent. Nick can also lighten up even the darkest of evenings by imitating Police Academy's Michael Winslow with impecable timing. What a useful chap he is, and with the right wiring should be able to keep our home secure as well! Magic.

A poem about Nick

That guy on the news,
Had none of your flair,
He took an unscheduled cruise,
Sailed right through the air,
The poor chap hit the floor,
While trying Parkour.

Too soon?
That's why I'm no Nick,
While playing the loon,
He never misses a trick,
He's so cool,
Makes me look like a fool.

Thats why I'm watching him now,
As I tighten my grip,
I see him milking a cow,
One little slip,
Where'd he get all those cows?
God bless you Howes.

The best thing about Nick though, is that he loves making things, be it games, 10 pound note t-shirts, or wild photoshop antics he's always creative and thus great, and truly inspiring to have around.

Lance Corporal Howes; I salute you.

(Sorry about the delay on your application form Nick, beaurocracy and all that)

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  1. Mathew Mannion

    He's sexual too

    12 Aug 2005, 00:33

  2. Matthew Jones

    Argh I can't wait much longer!

    I'm sick of all my stuff being in boxes and I just want to go. Oh I hope its soon.

    "My sweet revenge,
    will be yours,
    for the taking,
    its in the making baby

    12 Aug 2005, 03:43

  3. Who is this guy? He sounds pretty fricking sweet.

    12 Aug 2005, 08:11

  4. I hear he was born in a mental hospital and only sleeps for 1 hour a night

    12 Aug 2005, 11:42

  5. You hear wrong, Millsy, now stop saying stuff.

    Nickers is excellent, lets start a fan club.

    12 Aug 2005, 19:17

  6. Mathew Mannion

    I hear that his tongue is made of velvet and he can only be heard by bats

    12 Aug 2005, 20:23

  7. I am a shit, sorry Natalie.

    /saying stuff

    13 Aug 2005, 01:22

  8. Mat: hahahaha

    15 Aug 2005, 09:12

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