January 29, 2005

Campaign Diary: Tales from the ground floor

After the madness of postering yesterday (pushing in hundreds of pins has never been so much fun!), today it was time to hit the campaign trail proper with some proper door to door campaigning. Today I managed to get around all the Whitefields flats that had people in and I did most of 'new' Rootes. I think mostly the campaigning went well, I apologise to the one guy who's room I accidently entered in error; no offence was meant! Everyone else seemed fairly pleased/scared to see me. I sensed that very soon people's interest in elections will fade as they are bombarded by the infinite number of candidates that seem to be running this year. I just hope that people don't get so turned off that they don't vote at all.

After all that I was quite tired and went home to regather my energies for the next day of fun and frolics.

I thought I'd show you some highlights of the campaign so far in pictures (taken by my able assistant Gav). First up the proof that I have the skills to sort wobbly tables:

Of course if you vote me in as your president the fixes will be more permanent :)

Next we have evidence of the most mighty postering so far:

And looking a bit closer we can see…


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  1. Hey! When I told Mathew to do this, he said it was against the rules…
    A spinning Dan is a winning Dan, as they say.

    29 Jan 2005, 20:44

  2. Good work!

    29 Jan 2005, 20:44

  3. Now that's awesome.

    29 Jan 2005, 21:22

  4. Dan: what is your oppinion of all these Jonny-come-lately electoral candidates who suddenly have started using the blogs to get a message out? A shallow publicity stunt methinks…

    29 Jan 2005, 21:25

  5. I don't know whether Dan's allowed to comment on them. There are very strict rules on this. :)

    But meeting people personally counts for a lot more than just blogging, imho. Touring the kitchens is the way to go. (Blogging is good as well, if used effectively, and Dan's quite experienced at that now…)

    29 Jan 2005, 22:56

  6. Carly

    Genius with the tables, but, uh, you do know they wobble at the top and not the bottom. Serously dude, do your homework.

    30 Jan 2005, 09:20

  7. Not in the case of this particular table, while it had a very slight top wobble the main source in this case was a leg slightly shorter than the others. Not having a screwdriver on me at the time I decided to fix the main source of the problem and the situation was tremendously improved.

    When I am president, fear not, I shall tackle both the top and bottom of table wobbliness!

    30 Jan 2005, 10:45

  8. Carly

    Don't worry it'll be done for you. It's already budgeted in the cap-ex spend for summer :p

    30 Jan 2005, 12:10

  9. I never knew there was this many halls of residence on campus…have you seen how posh Heronbank and Riverside is…its well nice!

    30 Jan 2005, 12:41

  10. Lakeside man! Gettit right. Jeez…

    30 Jan 2005, 12:49

  11. James Hughes

    This damn internet thing won't let me sign in to the blogs, it is really starting to hurt me inside.

    30 Jan 2005, 19:19

  12. Sarah Cooper

    It wouldn't let me sign in for days either! It was awful (sob).

    Dan your eyes look alarmingly green in that first photo.

    30 Jan 2005, 20:17

  13. Beautiful; green like the shallow sea in the exotic Weymouth beaches. Weymouth, what a rubbish place.

    30 Jan 2005, 23:38

  14. Go Dan! there are indeed many candidates, I hurt my neck post-Larps in the graduate straining to read the board behind me.

    How long are elections on for? only I may be so mind-boggled in my non-uni activities that I miss out, and I wouldn't want to!

    31 Jan 2005, 20:18

  15. Ben Ashmore

    Open Wednesday up until Friday…when all the candidates drop from exhaustion…im planning on coming down with Flu knowing my luck!!

    I heard you did well in hustings Dan…as the word on the 'street' goes!!

    01 Feb 2005, 23:57

  16. Wait, am I getting it wrong, or are you setting it up so that as the Kone spins, you get slowly torn apart in two?

    03 Feb 2005, 21:52

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