January 28, 2005

Campaign Diary: Day 8 ?

Online Manifestos

Pretty much all of the candidates manifestos are online now, so you can browse through them all and make an informed choice when it comes to be time to vote (from next wednesday). There are some excellent ideas out there and even if you don't care who wins its worth having a read of them to see the kind of things students like yourselves think could be improved about the union.

As to myself, campaigning officially starts today and I've heard that a few candidates were up bright and early doing some preliminary lecture tours. I'm personally saving my lecture tours for next week closer to the time in question, but I have been preparing printed publicity for the 5pm end of the publicty embargo when candidates are let loose to put up posters across campus. Though of course the university does not strictly approve of us postering everywhere.

Was up into the small hours last night trying to construct some convincing flyers and working on tweaking the manifesto. Lots of caffine will be needed this week I think.

Stay awesome everyone.

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  1. Bon chance Dan, I expect to be overwhwelmed by images of you everywhere that I look by monday 6pm.

    28 Jan 2005, 15:56

  2. Mathew Mannion

    Three minutes to go! *sit's with the posters he stole off Dan ready to pin them onto people's faces*

    28 Jan 2005, 16:58

  3. I'm there in spirit, postering away!

    28 Jan 2005, 17:29

  4. Mathew Mannion

    The funniest bit is the fact that there's 3 people behind me postering… In a room with Computers in! Booo…

    I managed to put a few in the DCS common room and in the Maths lobby

    28 Jan 2005, 17:31

  5. You can't tell, but I'm putting posters up in Scunthorpe…

    29 Jan 2005, 00:00

  6. I will try to plaster Statistics if anyone gives me posters to put up.

    I want a t-shirt. It would be nice if it was a campaign t-shirt, but it's more of a general request.

    29 Jan 2005, 00:43

  7. Mathew Mannion

    Campaign t-shirts = £12 off of budget

    29 Jan 2005, 01:29

  8. So are we now allowed to do things like scribble 'Vote Awesome' on blackboards before lectures, providing of course we aquire free chalk as not to affect the budget?

    29 Jan 2005, 03:18

  9. Yes, that's allowed.

    29 Jan 2005, 14:25

  10. lol, and I'm not even gonna be on campus this week, I'm going to miss all the action!

    Just don't flyer over any BattleoftheBands posters and I won't have to kill you.

    Good luck Dan!

    29 Jan 2005, 15:27

  11. Good good, my board scribbling will start on Monday morning then!

    29 Jan 2005, 16:39

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