January 24, 2005

Campaign Diary: Day 4 or 5

The process to become union president runs something like this:

  • Fill in a form online, gathering the library card numbers of two folk who are willing to propose and then second your nomination.

  • Print out said form, track down the people who's libary card numbers you obtained not realising that they'd have to sign the form in person.

  • Extend your overdraft that little bit more by getting out the cash for the nomination deposit.

  • Return signed form, cash and a winning smile to the nice people in the elections office and recieve a pile of paper in return.

  • Note that amidst paper is instruction to return printed manifestos to the elections office in about three days time.

  • Get drunk, don't sleep very much.

  • Get drunk again, sleep hardly at all.

  • Write the manifesto the night before desperately trying to remember all those great policy ideas that were filling your head three days ago.

  • Hand in manifesto, bleary eyed and slightly smelly (thats me, not the manifesto).

  • Remember all the great ideas.

Sometimes being awesome can harm your electoral chances. Thankfully I still have another week to sort out the online manifesto and the fine details of the campaign, so plenty of time then… Another drink? Oh go on then, it is monday night.

Plenty of time.

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  1. Dumbhead, you should follow my example and do aaaall your work at least a week after it was due in.

    Actually, that sounds horrendously yeah-man-ic, so I'll withdraw that last sentence. I really should just delete this whole comment, but I've come too far now to turn back.

    24 Jan 2005, 18:22

  2. Never quit when you're a head. Or something? I think the saying goes nothing like that. And yes, I said a head. Not ahead. Aren't I wittysome? Yes I am.
    I read your manifesto. And I came up with some awesome policies to add, but of course I've now forgotten them too. Saying this however, I think I may have read someone else's manifesto and thought they were good ideas and thought I should tell you about them. But possibly that isn't a great plan.

    Vote Awesome!

    24 Jan 2005, 19:27

  3. You should make it your business to abolish all lectures that start before 1 in the afternoon. They'd build a statue in your honour, and dance around it throwing flower petals. Or at least I would. Which is better than nothing.

    Vote Awesome!

    24 Jan 2005, 21:42

  4. The "travelators" idea will always be a good one. We need never walk again!

    Dan Lawrence …. FUCK YEAH!

    24 Jan 2005, 21:55

  5. Mathew Mannion

    Vote awesome!

    25 Jan 2005, 00:25

  6. I see you're in the Boar, I like your ideas, and any manifesto with the word kickass in it is brilliant, in my opinion. I think you should also thieve some of the ideas that Chris Hall mentioned, like keeping Rococo open and opening a cocktail bar, because they are also kickass policies.

    25 Jan 2005, 12:01

  7. Dan, I felt you needed this image in your life

    25 Jan 2005, 12:11

  8. Also, cocktail bar.. yes!

    25 Jan 2005, 12:12

  9. Ahhh, I like the whole modern art thing you have going on there… A red cross on a white background – it says so much.

    25 Jan 2005, 12:31

  10. Vote awesome ( i feel like i should support the cause)

    25 Jan 2005, 16:13

  11. How about making easier for students abroad to vote awesome by keeping them properly informed on Union activities and, er, other awesome stuff?

    25 Jan 2005, 21:50

  12. indeed one of my ideas is currently running something along those lines. The full manifesto will hopefully be online on thursday, along with a grand launch type thing on this blog.

    25 Jan 2005, 22:33

  13. Vote Awesome! (But I will of course read all the manifestos and make a balanced judgment…)Vote Awesome!

    25 Jan 2005, 23:04

  14. I won't be making any balanced judgement – that kind of thing is for losers and politicians! Dan it is!

    26 Jan 2005, 00:38

  15. Good luck with your campaign too mate.
    Some kick ass policies (especially stuff to do with RaW)

    cough*Ben Ashmore CDCO*cough, ahem

    27 Jan 2005, 17:55

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