January 20, 2005

Campaign Diary: Day 1

Today I finally handed in the form (and £20 in cash) over to the requisite officials in Union North. Thus my quest to become President of our fair Student's Union was born.

I'd like to make clear from the outset that while I may campaign lightheartedly; this is a serious candidacy. I really believe in the value of a student union, and I am in love with ours. I'm motivated, energetic and ready to make a difference.

I'm currently working on writing a better manifesto. So if you have any suggestions on how to improve the union and things you think I should take an interest in then I'm ready to listen. Fire away.

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  1. Random

    Are you really campaigning for the presidency?

    20 Jan 2005, 23:02

  2. Make non-alcoholic drinks cheaper. It's not going to affect me, but it's a good thing to do. My housemate doesn't drink and every time I've bought him a pint of coke I've been amazed at the price. When I went to the Isle of Man non-alcoholic drinks were dead cheap, presumably to stop drunk-driving [although on an island you can walk across, I sometimes wonder]

    20 Jan 2005, 23:13

  3. Random

    I want to see a larger place for live bands, the Marketplace is clearly tiny, knock through to the Cooler and rid Battered, its a plan

    20 Jan 2005, 23:48

  4. Laura

    You in politics. I should have seen that coming a mile off but it's still bloody scary.

    20 Jan 2005, 23:55

  5. Random

    Oh c'mon, he can't be that bad!

    21 Jan 2005, 00:01

  6. Laura

    We should let the man himself answer that, he's going to have to do quite a bit of self-promotion in the coming weeks if he's really serious. He could use the practice, being such a modest soul most of the time. :)

    21 Jan 2005, 00:08

  7. Random

    LOL. At least he won't have a problem in public declarations of his brilliance (or rather, 'awesomeness')!

    21 Jan 2005, 00:27

  8. I'm lovely. I promise to some what reign in my rampant egomania over the course of the campaign and focus on improving students lives.

    21 Jan 2005, 00:32

  9. And of course, being a big name in blogging will be no help whatsoever. God I'm so cynical sometimes.

    21 Jan 2005, 00:47

  10. Onken, R3TarDPOiNTz and electrokinetic llamas.

    More seriously, reduce the price of soft drinks, and MAKE YOURSELF SEEN.

    21 Jan 2005, 01:04

  11. Simon: probably less help than, say, being a member of the rugby team or bering a current Sabb!


    I promise to somewhat reign in my rampant egomania

    is very different to

    I promise to somewhat rein in my rampant egomania

    My housemate's a Union hack and ran in the elections last year; he's running again this year, for a different position (not President). If you want to chat about manifestos, campaign ideas, etc., I'm only an MSN away.

    N.B. I'm almost certain I'm not allowed to mention my housemate by name on this blog with repsect to his candidature; you'll be able to talk all about your campaign on here, but I'm sure election regulations mean you cannot mention it on any other blog, or talk about any of your rivals' campaigns. Check with Elections Group otherwise they could throw you straight back out of the election before it starts!

    21 Jan 2005, 01:44

  12. Am I allowed to comment about his election campaign on my blog? I think its probably safest not to…
    I'll just go about shamelessly whoring your name out to anyone and everyone that I meet. After having met you and chatted on MSN many times, I am convinced that the Union would be greatly benefited with you at the helm. You are very nice, very approachable, and very open-minded; all things that I think that you should play on heavily in any self-promotion you engage in.

    As for a manifesto – I know that the cheaper soft drinks is an issue, but I think that you could lose as many voters as you gain with that one, because the Union is saying that it would have to increase alcoholic drink prices to compensate. At least, that is the impression that the Boar gave this week. Like Luke said, be seen; put posters EVERYWHERE, and flyers all over the place. It really is a good idea to go out and talk to people, because most people are unlikely to meet any of the other candidates, and provided you charm them with the Awesome, they are more than likely to vote for you come the election.

    21 Jan 2005, 02:01

  13. I went to that three-hour Union Council Meeting last night – it was incredibly boring, and the arguments went on just long enough to get everyone to miss the 10:05 bus back to Leam. I could have got myself co-opted for a position, but I'm pretty glad I didn't, now.

    I'm currently pushing the Union to produce all their documents in a format other than Microsoft Word – think of the Mac and Linux users, Dan! (And anyone else without Word, of course.) We'll see what happens, but that would get my vote at the moment. I'm going to find some way of opening up Union democracy to people.

    Oh, the controversial alcohol bits were defeated, James.

    21 Jan 2005, 11:47

  14. Double-check this, but my Union-hack housemate informed me today that you can essentially use your and other people's blogs (and comments boxes!) however you want during campaigning. This ruling applies to Warwick Blogs only, not other types of website.

    21 Jan 2005, 19:07

  15. Give those who blog regularly honorary knighthoods and noble steeds to ride to lectures

    21 Jan 2005, 19:31

  16. Make Thursday "UNION PIRATE DAY", in preparation for the National Pirate Day which will undoubtably become part of your world domination…

    Again, seriously, I reckon you could do a good job at this-don't forget westwood! We may be a distant Campus of teachers, Jocks and the occassional Drama student, but lots of people live there and feel distanced from the Union.

    I don't know what can be done about the whole drinks prices thing…glad the random shite motion was scrapped, but surely the Union gets supplied at similar rates to the other pubs and clubs stealing their business? If people want to drink stupidly, they will, you can't govern their free will to destroy their liver!

    Good Luck Dan!

    22 Jan 2005, 17:55

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