January 31, 2005

Campaign Diary: Caught by the fuzz

Did a nice mix of campaigning today. Was nearly shot by police.


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  1. Wow, sounds like a hectic day, the police have never managed to shoot me yet. I hope that by voting for you I receive immunity from shootings.

    31 Jan 2005, 22:35

  2. I still haven't found you yet. I have, however, scribbled VOTE AWESOME on a couple of stats department blackboards to save you the trouble.

    31 Jan 2005, 22:46

  3. Why were you nearlly shot by police?

    31 Jan 2005, 23:30

  4. I noticed a Vote Awesome on the blackboard in my Irish History seminar. We were walking about the elections in that as well. But they were the 1920s elections in Ireland which ended in bloody civil war… hopefully that will not happen at Warwick.

    31 Jan 2005, 23:36

  5. Yes… "hopefully not"... Holly, don't hint at our secret plan, not even as a joke, it could have catastrophic consquences for our revolu… I mean, our .. umm… picnic.

    01 Feb 2005, 12:43

  6. Will there be teddy bears?

    01 Feb 2005, 13:34

  7. There are always teddy bears

    01 Feb 2005, 14:16

  8. Good good.

    01 Feb 2005, 16:07

  9. Adam Campbell

    In many ways a vote that is NOT for "Awesome" is a vote for out and out Fascism. How, I'm not quite sure. The links have yet to be connected to form a unified whole. The ground work, however, is definitely there. Vote Awesome.

    01 Feb 2005, 20:52

  10. Dan, you still havn't come back to tell us why you were nearly shot!

    Was it on campus?

    Can we sue someone?!

    01 Feb 2005, 21:46

  11. Perhaps he was shot… :|

    01 Feb 2005, 22:31

  12. Dan

    For some reason the blogs won't let me sign in.

    Might have to miss a day jsut as I made it to two solid calendar months and all! I guess technical problems were always going to defeat me eventually. There's still an hour left so we shall see.

    The event may be covered in the Boar as I was interviewed by someone today. It was a marketing stunt for an Arts Centre play (that we may do again tommorow) which involved me pretending to be suicidal with a toy gun to my head. The police are now really strict on such things and a couple officers came over and said they would call the firearms specialist police types if I didn't come down. :)

    I surrendered.

    01 Feb 2005, 22:51

  13. Ah that explains the sightings I heard about in which you were holding a gun to your head

    01 Feb 2005, 23:26

  14. Rob Q

    Thats probably the best excuse I've ever heard being under so much pressure from the presidential campaign and not being able to take it anymore. "Marketing stunt" indeed…

    01 Feb 2005, 23:59

  15. Hi Dan, you'd gone before I finished my phone call, so I thought I'd leave a totally public but not totally explicit message to say good luck and keep your head up man, for the sake of the Awesome.

    02 Feb 2005, 00:12

  16. Head up, hands down.

    02 Feb 2005, 00:49

  17. Vagina

    03 Feb 2005, 00:26

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