March 24, 2005

Better than chocolate

Is what I am, apparently.

Recently, when I've not been doing the project, I've been doing this:

Which is related to this:

Warwick Video Game Design Society

I don't think I've quite praised my fellow lovely society dudes enough. So here is some more praise; I love you all, in a man-manly way.

Saw a cool korean film last night called 'OldBoy' which I'd never heard of until I picked it up cheap in Sainsbury's, I guess I should make a review post but I'll just write about it here instead to be non-conformist. It manged to have a kungfu-style-revenge-plot mixed together with a psychological-thriller-with-a-twist-at-the-end plot. Think; Fight Club meets The Sixth Sense in a dark alley for a sensual kiss, when they are suddenly ambushed by Brotherhood of the Wolf and The Shawshank Redemption. Except its all in Korean with subtitles.

Then of course there is the project, many bugs have been squashed and the little killer spiderbeasts from hell are starting to behave in a quite life-like manner. Just two more objectives on my list before I move on to writing the final report. I'm suprisingly finding myself taking some enjoyment in it now, though I suspect as I struggle through these last few bits of code I'll rediscover my familiar loathing.

At the minute though its hard not to smile.

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  1. likes smiling dan, thinks it will be easier to kill him

    24 Mar 2005, 22:14

  2. That looks like a PC version of Harvest Moon to me.

    24 Mar 2005, 22:36

  3. That link is silly and fails to work. So mych for the VDGSoc lovin', eh? You can't even manage to love us enough to put in a link that works. I am deeply saddened.

    25 Mar 2005, 00:11

  4. Looks slightly like Shining Force 2, which was rather excellent, but had no spiders in it.

    25 Mar 2005, 03:27

  5. Mathew Mannion

    We're so, so, so sorry. We won't let Dan near a computer again.

    The University of Warwick Video Game Design Society

    25 Mar 2005, 10:20

  6. Mathew Mannion

    I should point out that despite "Looks like a PC version", the tileset that Dan is designing is for a Game Boy Advance RPG game.

    25 Mar 2005, 10:20

  7. Fixed the damn link.

    25 Mar 2005, 11:48

  8. Good work Dan.

    25 Mar 2005, 12:53

  9. Also Luke, the fact you think it looks anything like an existing game is good. The game itself is actually for the Game Boy Advance so if it looks like a picture from a handheld game then that's because it is! We've got a cable to copy it to a real GBA and everything.

    25 Mar 2005, 12:55

  10. I didn't read Mat's comment. What he said.

    25 Mar 2005, 12:57

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