February 04, 2005

Battle of the bands : Heat 1

Another year, another mighty conflict.

I managed to drift out (food related emergency) before the end proper so I have no idea if they announced a winner of the heat but I'll give you my thoughts anyway.

First up were the old favourites 'Unreal Coriander', sounding particularly tight this evening with bass solos, cello playing virtuosity and the inimitable stylings of Paul on the piano. As always Zippys/The Graduate Club had terrible sound which impacted particularly on my ability to hear the fine lyrical details of the vocal performance (maybe its just my ears). The whole band seemed very enthusiastic and I enjoyed them thoroughly.

Second we had the funky stylings of 'Flux capacitor' (I believe, unless I've been watching too many Back to the Future films) these guys provided a nice break from the regular guitar rocks sound by playing it funky. I liked the samples and the singer (being the most understandable of the night against the more forgiving sonic backdrop of funk guitar). I found them pleasing and refreshing.

Third was the band 'The Great Lakes' I must admit I did not hear their entire set because I wandered outside, but reports placed them as an average guitar rock band. I hope they had something special going on that I missed.

Fourthly we had the nice suprise of the evening in the form of 'The Lakes' (some name related competition there guys?) who had a mesmerising kind of sound (it was probably around this point that my musical criticism skills go from poor to terrible as consumption of alcoholic beverages reached new heights). I liked them and the feedback from more musically worthy folk was good.

Fifth was the excellent stage presence of 'The Fall of Man' ( I may have these names completely wrong, if so I apologise) I was transfixed by the lead singers frenzied gyrations and cannot remember what the rest of the set sounded like. I'm sure it was good, despite the setup being plagued by technical problems (though we did get to enjoy some Michael Jackson riffs in the interlude).

Finally the evening was rounded off by 'Pink Spider' who rocked out the place in a loud shouty fashion, I noticed large sections of the crowd rocking out. Unfortunately by this time stomach said go eat and I was forced to obey.

Some general comments:

– What a kickass turnout, so many peope wanted to get in we had to move the tables aside. Why is this event not in the Cooler?

– What a great year for bandsoc.

– vote awesome.

Grabbed some chips from Battered and decided to head over to Benefactors to find my voting/blogging public, plus Benefactors is just an excellent place to hang out of an evening. I spread the good word and before I knew it, it was time to head home to bed.

One more day of the campaign then its all over.

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  1. Benefactors all the way!

    Glad you liked your stay.

    04 Feb 2005, 01:47

  2. Adele Fortune

    B is for Bennys…thats good enough for me! I'd just like to say you're welcome anytime!

    04 Feb 2005, 01:52

  3. Though next time you come, you have to take part in a human pyramid.

    04 Feb 2005, 01:57

  4. Hi Dan, you are highly awesome

    04 Feb 2005, 03:06

  5. The Great Lakes won Pink spider second I think, Lakes not in the top 3. Which is a bit weird. Judges perogative I guess :)

    04 Feb 2005, 09:46

  6. I wasn't too fond of the Lakes, personally, they seemed to be missing something-or perhaps as fate placed them post-three quite rocking/funking bands I wasn't in the mood for their chilled stylings.

    Unreal Corriander were third, although the judges didn't do a commentary, I guess we were running too late.

    Come SUnday, too!!

    04 Feb 2005, 18:17

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