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November 28, 2004

Another day, another blog

It seems that a lot of my conversations these days revolve around warwick blogs and I can't help but think of everything that happens to me in terms of blogging possibilities. A sign of my growing addiction, or a healthy response to a new medium?

Today's story really begins when I got a phone call from my brother, but I want to briefly mention that I had very good intentions today of doing a lot of washing, tidying and work. Intentions that were not transformed into action due to forces (mostly) beyond my control. Am I to be responsible for the flows of chance, the dicethrow of life? I ask that you, my guilt, accept these protestations as iron-clad reasoning and forgive me.

I digress.

I recieved a somewhat urgent phone call requiring me to instantly dispatch myself from my procrastinating and head off on a jaunt into previously uncharted areas of Coventry that surround the NHS drop in centre. It turns out its actually very close to the bus station, just past the totem pole, yes the totem pole. My mission was one of guidance and good company.

I'm not a great fan of hospitals or hospital-like places. While the premise of keeping all the ill people securely locked up in one place does appeal, the practicality is you, as a perfectly healthy individual, often have to venture into this pit of sickness. I resent being encouraged into the very mouth of the beast, if I'm going somewhere to be cured then surely the very worst idea is to surround myself with sick people. Today however I relented my stance, for I'm nice like that and was able to wait for around two hours to learn that my brother was told to go away and come back if it gets any worse. Do they really need 6 years of medical training to tell us that?

Later on I found myself involved in an almost house wide trip to Leamington. At least it started that way, but no sooner had we reached the doorway and they started dropping like flies. One member of the posse swapped his shoes for slippers and we were down to three. Before we reached the end of our road the bell tolled again an our group had become a pair. The phone beeped and I learned that the person we were supposed to meet had also decided that bed or work looked like a more attractive option. The party spirit was very far away from Earlsdon.

However we perservered and managed to catch a bus halfway there, before switching over on campus to the delights of the "Xtreme 12" to carry us safely to Leamington. I mentioned before that I might have a Leamington house party habit, this was confirmation of my sickness. Myself and fellow party traveller decided that it would be foolish to arrive at a party type gathering without stopping to pick up some alcoholic beverages, a quick swerve and we were in an off license. It is here we encountered "Humorous but-not-quite-sure-if-he's-joking Shop owner" who became involved in a small dispute with a customer over the correct payment for a packet of cigarettes. He informed the whole shop that he hadn't recieved the full payment and that we should all be careful because his friend (gesturing at a man skulking in the corner of the shop) was a recently released murderer and he had metal shutters. Ha, ha ha? He might have been planning some kind of blood bath. We paid and swiftly exited towards the party.

Arriving at the party itself quite late I decided quite soon that my one mission while I was here was to obtain as many signatures as possible to support the creation of the Video Game Design society. I am proud to say I achieved this goal, with some persuasion and the natural willingness of tipsy people to sign anything. I was once again involved in too many conversations that somehow involved blogs and met a few new people from the Band Soc circles. But time was quickly catching up with me, and no sooner had I arrived than it was time to leave.

Heading back to the bus stop I noted that I was in for a fair wait for the last bus and amused myself, by listening in to the banter of drunken people and playing games on my phone. Little did I realise that two of these drunk people were soon to become my friends.
When the bus did finally arrive and I sat down I was quickly joined by a pair of pretty, short skirted and very drunk seventeen year old girls. I decided quickly that I could either adopt the ignore them and hope they go away strategy, or the far more amusing engage with them and take everything they say sensibly strategy. The latter quickly became the only choice as one of them seemed desperate to give me her phone number and repeatedly kissed me without provocation.

Had I been a more evil, or lustful kind of man who knows where this situation could have led. Thinking of you blog fans I soldiered on and instead I decided to learn their game of 'give me 15' (like' give me 5' but with both hands first) and found out about their future life and career plans.

Both had already scheduled in the time of their first babies.

If anyone wants the phone number of a pretty seventeen year old girl who wants to be a beautician then catch me after the show.

Dan Explains Logic : Making Introductions

Logic has an image problem, you think of logic you think of sturdy (probably bearded) mathemeticians closeted away in cupboards for years on end with only an ear wax candle and a pencil for company. Either that or you think vulcans, not exactly a fun loving bunch. However what these seterotypes don't reveal is the fun and sociable side to logic, take any two lonely premises and you can guarantee that there is a logical matchmaker just waiting to unite them in a a deep and loving way.

By far the most sociable of these matchmakers, is vel (looks like a little v in your logical proofs; sometimes called disjunction), some have even called her a dirty slut because lets face it she'll hook up with anyone. The best way to understand how vel introduces is to think of her as the best pair of beer goggles you've ever tried. Once you bring vel into the equation you can link up your premise with anything you care to mention, she only cares that one of you is true.

By contrast we have the far more reserved and cautious Mr. Conjunction (& in your proofs or sometimes a n type symbol), he will never match up a couple unless he is absolutely certain they will both be true to each other. If you see a couple matched by Mr. Conjuction you know that they are right for each other and that neither of them will let you down.

If you ever meet Sir Existential you'll understand that he can only bring himself to the table once we have firmly established that there is at least one person who follows 'the path'. 'The path' being his quasi mystical interpretation of a predicate that is true about them, once there is at least one person with a true predicate applying to them we can say that very fact with the help of Sir Existential.

Miss Universal is the awkward one, she will only introduce herself to people who fit in her exclusive cachet of "arbitrary designators". If the name the predicate is being applied to could not easily be swapped for any other then she just doesn't want to know, and she better not find you depending on another line in which the arbitrary name occurs or there'll be hell to pay. Once you get to know her though, she's very sweet and has an all encompassing attitude; like mind control.

Lemmon style proofs

& introduction

(1) 1. A Premise
(2) 2. B Premise
(1,2) 3. A & B &Introduction on 1 and 2

v introduction

(1) 1. A Premise
(1) 2. A v B vIntroduction on 1

E introduction (I can't make the E backward easily)

(1) 1. Px Premise
(1) 2. (Ex)Px E Introduction on 1

A introduction (I can't make the A upside down easily)

(1) 1. (Ax)Px Premise
(1) 2. Pa A elimination on 1
(1) 3. (Ay)Py A introduction on 2

Generally by truth, I mean truth transmitting for nitpickers. I apologise if the analogy got a little cockeyed towards the end.

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