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November 27, 2004

Radio killed the blog star

Radio Warwick 1251AM

Is the student radio station of choice, where you can hear the dulcet tones of my good self (if I'm guesting), the amazing comedy stylings of Carly Jenkins, the master of the music, the mighty Greg Jones (not that Greg Jones) and the grand overlord himself; Gavin "The Nutter" Rutter.

All available delievered to your desktop or AM radio, every sunday between 12 and 1 o'clock. It would be wrong in so many ways to miss it. So set your alarms for 5 to 12, enjoy your lie in, and then switch on to "All Day Breakfast".

We desire your request emails and amusing comments sent to:

Satan returns

Is the name of a video I have on my shelf, its not a very good video but I was sold on its name, its cheapness and the promise of the summary text on the back.

This was not the attitude I took to choosing my location this evening, I had pinned to my wall a piece of paper that said:


I'm not sure why I didn't finish off the word 'stewarding', or why I wrote to myself in all capitals but most of all I had no idea why I hadn't recorded what on earth I was supposed to be stewarding. So I went of to campus this evening with nothing other than the vague recollection that it was 'something musical'.

Getting to campus was, as is often the case, a sticky buisness. Arriving at the bus stop exactly one hour before I had to be on campus on a weekday evening would usually be enough to arrive on time. Circumstances, however, were not kind. The first bus to arrive was of course stuffed to the rafters with students and decided to stop and tell us that they couldn't possibly cram in any more as they were already running out of air. This was not apprieciated by anyone waiting in the freezing cold, but was a particular frustration to a gentlemen I will kindly refer to as "Mr. Utterly Insane".

This fellow first brought himself to my attention when the first bus pulled away, distinguishing himself by swearing at the driver, kicking the moving bus and finishing with a coup de grace of spitting on the bus window. These acts of rebellion against the system however were not enough to sate him however and he proceeded to move through all the bus shelters at Hearsall Common delivering regular kicks, all the while chanting to himself a bizarre mantra of "Fucking shitty area, fucking shitty buses, fucking shitty students" over and over again. To round off this attractive package was what I can only describe as a delicious odour, delicious that is, to a carrion bird.

Luckily time eventually moved on and a bus did finally get me to campus. Of course, clever me had decided to save some time and combine this working trip with a trip to hand in my latest assignment to the Computer Science building. What clever me had not anticipated was the computer science department deciding to restrict my access to the building to daylight hours. I don't know if they just figured that anyone who studies philosophy must turn into a gremlin at night or that I looked like the kind of guy whoe would turn up drunk and urinate on their servers. Whatever the reason, I can only access the building before the hour of 5 o'clock, and with this fact staring me in the face I elected to abandon handing in my assignment and headed off to work in the Arts Centre.

As it turned out the show I was stewarding turned out to be the rhythm and blues musician extraordinaire; Eric Bibb . He had an amazing female singer in his band who really raised the rafters in Butterworth Hall. If I was a spiritual man, I'm sure my spirits would have been very much lifted, refilled and rejuvenated. As it was I just tapped my feet, clapped my hands and had a thoroughly good time, and to top it all off I got paid for being there. I love my job.

I've added a new gallery to show of some renders of my 3D work, for anyone who cares to see what I'm up to when I'm not making blog posts or doing interesting things.

Dan Explains Logic: Reductio ad absurdum

Reductio ad absurdum or the RAA rule is one that can often confuse the intrepid explorer in the realms of logic, which is a shame because it is really the fun, "bad guy" of the logic rules. Well not bad, he's just misunderstood he's a very nice boy really as long as you know how to use him.

The easiest way to explain the rule is in terms of sex.

Lets take a simple set of premises such as : "The sky is blue", "the grass is green" and "James enjoys having sex with girls".

Now someone challenges us to prove that "James is not in fact gay". Normally of course we would panic, swear at the gods and generally commit suicide; but not today. For we have logic in our armoury and particularly our good friend "reductio ad absurdum".

Reductio takes up the challenge and suggests we posit : "James is gay" as part of our defence (an assumption), this seems foolish a technique doomed to lead us into iniquity. Yet reductio is smarter than he looks, he has already dissected "James is Gay" into its necessary components; most crucially "James does not enjoy having sex with women". A quick comparison between the latest information gained from assuming "James is Gay" and the premises all sides have already accepted reveals a contradiction!

Reductio has pulled off the defence of the century, by pronouncing his defendent to be gay he has shown that this leads to a contradiction and forced us all to accept the very opposite of what he pronounced that "James is not in fact gay" (Sorry, James' fan club).

The defence rests.



A logical proof in the lemmon system would look something like this:

(1) 1. A (sky is blue) P (premise)
(2) 2. B (grass is green) P (premise)
(3) 3. C (James enjoys having sex with girls) P (premise)
(4) 4. C & D (James does not enjoy having sex with girls plus other factors that make up his proposed gayness) A (assumption)
(4) 5. C & elimination on 4
(3) 6. (C & D) (James is not Gay) RAA on 5 and 3

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