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November 25, 2004

BandSoc Night

Just came back from the latest BandSoc night at the union (I say just it was probably a few hours ago I actually got back). I think I will find a fair bit of agreement when I say that it was an amazing night of live music and probably the best one so far this term. Noone in the line up sucked, even the new bands were very together and sounded awesome.

I'm not exactly a complete BandSoc devotee, but with my handy housemate Gav I'm able to keep a fairly close eye on the warwick univesirty band scene. Interloper were awesome as was expected, it amused me greatly to see that one of the band had brought his parents along to see him play. They have a reputation for being a really nice band (personality wise) and nothing I saw tonight contradicted that, there was lots of enthusiasm and passion in all the songs.

The first band who I was initially unsure about while I was standing on the acoustically impaired right hand side of the stage (side nearest the bar), were actually very good as well, some excellent playing all round from the musicians and though I couldn't quite make out all of the lyrics from the singer this is something I've come to expect in Zippy's (Graduate Club).

The second band who I understand recently ejected their bassist and were looking for a new name played a very cool set, good singing and guitar from the main man with the sideburns, and their new bassist was amazingly hot. I have this thing for female musicians, and she could play that bass very well, even though it was apparently her first time live with a bass.

The headline band who played to a somewhat reduced crowd played perhaps the weakest of an excellent bunch (taking into account the inexperience of the new bands) but that is to take nothing away from them, they just faced stiff competition and they were still an excellent way to finish off a great night. The battle of the bands this year is really hotting up.

On the way back home getting on the bus it took me about five minutes counting out change to the busdriver in five pence coins soemthing which I found so amusing I managed to stumble and fall slap bang into the hot bassist from earlier in the evening, having not realised who it was I apologised and sat down. A few moments later I caught on and felt a right tool :)

Today we were supposed to have a house inspection, except that I stayed in and our house manager from warwick accomodation never showed up. After I put in all that effort and cleaned the bin… We have now decided to refuse them entry if they show up tommorow on the grounds of not giving us forty eight hours notice.

Chances of going to ten o'clock lecture tommorow : 0/1000.

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