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November 24, 2004

Better Blogs with more exposure

Writing about Warwick Blogs and Hot Topics from Will's blog

An awesome thing about warwick blogs is how often they are updated to take into account the way the community trends are changing and evolving. For instance, the comment tracking system, which as a comment posting addict I dearly love. This was implemented after some user feedback in a very short space of time. I think it helps a lot that the blog system is used frequently by the people who create it.

The blog this entry is about seems to me to highlight one of the current problems with warwick blogs, but I think it is more general than just the current problems with hot topics. Its a question of exposure with so many good blogs out there how do we ensure that everyone gets their fair shot at people finding and reading their blog?

I have a few suggestions :

  • Rating blogs or individual entries. This way we can empower the users to say how much they like a given entry without having to think of a comment. An overall rating can also be weighted by the amount of people who have rated the entry, it could be integrated into the comment system as well as being a seperate choice (Add a comment/Rate this entry) and you could only rate each entry/blog once.

  • Blog favourites. Include in the side bar a list of each blog users favourite blogs, these could be entered on the profile page and just displayed in the side bar. This is a procedure in use by several other blog systems.

  • Community leaders. More controversial, but you could appoint people as community leaders to do an 'editors choice' style link on the main page with a blog chosen each week from the vast archives. This kind of exposure method is seen regularly in community sites on the internet.

Just some thoughts from an egotist.

I beat you Half–Life two

I'm not convinced I shouldn't put that on my CV.

I currently have a pile of washing that needs doing nearly as tall as me, The last few days have seen me resorting to increasingly bizarre outfits (Like the vest), today I finally remembered to buy some "washing clothes stuff" (that's a technical term) and can at last step from my house with the pride that comes from smelling fresh and feeling clean.

Other than that today (yesterday to the pedants) was fairly quiet, the volounteering was cancelled and I managed to watch some of a football game, I don't know why either. Today's Post Kantian lecture was just escaping from me somewhere in the middle, probably as a result of the excessively late nights and resulting tiredness. Seems to be a theme on my blog. I expect it will sort itself out over christmas.
I don't want to even get into how lost I was in Symbolic Logic, that too must be sorted out.

Right now I'm just voting in the union elections/referenda as you all should, because democracy is fun.

We have a house inspection tommorow morning, I'm at least fairly certain that our house is not ready; but I cleaned that bin. That should count for something.

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