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February 22, 2005

An old poem

Screw it. This isn't a good poem or a funny poem but I thought I'd share it with you anyway because otherwise its just going to get forgotten on my hard drive and I need to remember.

I wrote this earlier in the year when I was in a low mood:

Friendly fire

Concealed among letters,
I fake confidence.
The youth I waste,
Could be better spent.

Close to the rim,
I justify myself.
Stronger affirmations,
Lead to no actions.

Iím not happy,
Until I push myself.
Always push too far,
Never reach the start.

Why its awesome to be man like

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

Here is a list of man great things:

  • Men are less flammable than women.

  • Men can watch action films all day and not get bored.

  • Men are funnier. Just look at them.

  • Arnie.

  • Men look better in suits.

  • Men can always escape into darts.

  • Barbershop quartets.

  • Man is a better word than woman.

  • Men are equipped with spy drones.

  • Men can commit crimes against fashion three times better than women.

  • Male voice choirs.

  • Samuarais.

  • Hitler is a man.

  • Jesus was a man.

  • I'm a man.

Top Banana: The sequel

I revisited the monday night dance fest yesterday.

I decided that 9.05 was the time to start dancing. Unfortunately noone else agreed with me, and it was about two hours before any real quantity of people appeared on the dance floor. But nevermind this as some of the best tunes were played before they arrived (Finally got to dance around to Hounds of Love at a union event!) so in a way; I win.

The evening was slightly marred by a bout of sore throated illness which struck me over the weekend, and is refusing to go away. I only managed to stagger out of bed at 2.30 today because of it. Damn.

I'll say a few hellos to everyone in S-Punk (and especially the punk show crew on RaW), good ole VGD Soc (Mat swiping the air guitar crown last night, proving us once again to be the most awesome society), everyone at RAG (who kept my coat safe and gave me some free sweets) and DJ's Carter and Tarbitt (who kept me juiced with chocolate the whole evening).

Stay awesome.

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