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November 21, 2004


I seem to be developing a random Leamington house party habit, though it may still be too early to call. I've now been to two house party's in Leamington in the four weeks, which considering my previous record of going out in Leamington precisely never, is something of a development.

Thank you to the people involved in organising last nights playboy mansion themed bash, I had an excellent time despite proving myself something of an amateur at the party scene by arriving several hours before the party properly started and ending up helping set things up. I saw several amusing things at this party the first of which springs to mind was the hillariously difficult to understand mumbling scottish guy who kept telling me I looked like I should play guitar and trying to give me drugs. This guy seemingly an embarrasment to his friends in his delusional, dosed up state was found in the morning asleep in a chair, trousers 'loosened' shall we say and somewhat abandoned.

The second amusing thing was the random couple who walked by me as I stood outside, the woman loudly intoning to the whole street her desire to for her recently aquired man-friend to " 'things' to [her] before [they] have sex that make [her] feel sexy", I'm sure the man replied with something equally drunken and embarrasing but they had unfortunately passed out of earshot. Maybe you had to be there.

The next morning, this morning in fact, I had to make a mad dash from Leamington to campus to be on RaW. Not being a regular on the Leamington to campus route I can vouch for the fact that the buses seem to travel in slow-motion when you are trying to get somewhere in a hurry. I'm not normally on the radio, partly because I am convinced my voice sounds not unlike that of an insane killer on broadcast media, but mostly because I'm not very musical or full of that 'banter' stuff that radio thrives upon. Today I was filling in for the vacancy created by two of the regular presenters being absent and even managed to manufacture, out of my ass, some material for the shows only feature. Blog readers, tune into 'All Day Breakfast' every Sunday at 12 o'clock as you tuck into your lunch.

I'm thinking that it might be about time to take my society proposal to the Union, so if there is anyone out there planning to be in the Graduate tommorow at around 6.30, who thinks that the idea of a Video Game Design society at warwick is absolutely the cats pyjamas, then feel free to come over and I'll get you to sign a piece of paper denoting your approval.

And, yes I may soon be having sexual relations with a blog near you.

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