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October 20, 2004

Operas of blood

4 out of 5 stars

This is one of those movies that moves so fast (and in a foreign language too) that you only fully grasp the plot on a second viewing. For anyone familiar with the HKBO genre this is a film that conforms to all the genre standards:

– Two friends on opposite sides ? Check. – Guns in face stand off ? Check. – Superhuman assassin/rogue policeman? Check. – Fantastic fast paced balletic action sequences? Double Check.

And its really the last of these that makes this movie worth watching, its the kind of extremely imaginative action cinema that a hollywood audience would only rarely be treated too. Abseiling down the side of an appartment block, smashing through a lower floor window, leaping from roof top to rooftop and a gunfight while helping deliver a baby.

Not a slowmotion matrix effect in sight, no leaping away from an explosion at the last minute and no arnold. just quick, clever action scenes played out like a game between two masters of the gunfight.

If you can't grasp the plot don't worry stick around for the action.

Why I am so clever

(Thanks Nietzsche)

I added another sketch to my gallery and somewhere hidden on the blog is a photo of me. See if you can find it. And yes ladies, I am on the market. Don't all rush at once. Form a queue.

I've now joined up to the snooker sports club (my first sports club in three years) and played my first games. Turns out I'm really not very good at snooker. I also noticed how quiet it is in the union on a tuesday, apart from the champions league action (confusingly two games were playing at once in The Bar) campus was as dead as the dodo. Top B finish you all off ?

If by random chance you are surfing my blog and really wish you were making computer games then why not check out the prospective new video game design society .

Why am I so clever? Hard work and eating my greens.

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