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November 17, 2004

Half–Life 2

Been playing lots and lots of Half-Life 2. Was up till 5.30 last night.

Anyone else given this game of games a playing ?

Back to the blogging roots

After another blog/real-life cross-over today I've resolved to keep this blog more regularly updated with the ups and downs of my life as a warwick student. Writing about me is after all, my favourite subject ;).

Today I once again got up late as it has become my habit to stay awake till around 3am every night doing nothing particuarly productive. I'm not sure why I developed this habit since I got back to uni, maybe its a return to the childish glee at staying up past bedtime, a reaction to being single or a dangerous addiction to the internet. Most likely a combination of all those factors.

So I got up late, and discovered I'd forgot to finish cleaning the oven last night, I'd stayed up specially to do it (thrilling life of danger I lead!) and then got distracted by the magnificence of my secret life as a Gangster on the streets of San Andreas. It specifically states on the packet 'DO NOT leave overnight'; bollocks. I scrubbed it and it seemed to come off ok… but wait I preempted waht happend first. I was actually awakened from my alarm snooze button bashing state by the arrival of our Tesco Home delivery order. First years take note: Tesco Home delivery orders rock, you don't have to bother with buying the same staple foods over and over with tedious shopping trips, have them sent to your door. Spread the cost with your housemates and it costs the same or less than the bus fare to a supermarket, and if you want something a little extra for the weekend its a lot more fun to buy it when you don't have to think about topping up on sacks of potatoes.

So the delivery came and for the first time in weeks they delivered my french bread baton! A small thing, but its good to start the day right I think.

I headed into uni later to do some Arts Centre marketing for this show called Amajuba, our marketing manager Jo was on fine form and asked me to write about her on the blog, so I have. Today we were giving out apples with the standard flyers. At first noone would take the apples, giving me the look reserved for strangers who offer you sweets, but with my marketing brain in action the apples were subtley rebranded as 'Apples of Truth' and they were soon flying from my hands. sorry to the one person who get an 'Apple of Lies'.

Anyway after marketing at lunchtime I was helping Jo carry some of the stuff back up to the back office marketing department when I experienced the slightly odd real-life blog crossover as the Arts Centre marketing people told me they had been checking out my blog as it came up when you googled 'Arts Centre' and 'blog' together. I've not checked out the veracity of the claim but I'll take them at their word. Suddenly I was forced to cast my mind back to think if I had said anything offensive :) luckily I'm sure I haven't as the Arts Centre really is an amazing place and you should all go and see Amajuba this week.

Ahem.. Later on I had my first Post Kantian lecture in a long while as our lecturer the astounding and mystical Keith was ill off the back of reading week. Today we tackled some of the issues surrounding the thought of Nietzsche's eternal return, its some very interesting stuff. I find the problem in the lectures is that the material is so thought provoking that I often get carried away in my own thought process and lose the thread of the lecture for a while. I've been reading a bit of Delueze this week, who seems like a nice trendy french philospher I could be caught reading and seem highly intelligent. I'm sure he has some great insights into Nietzsche too.

On tuesdays there is a bti of unfortunate timetabling in that I come straight out of the Post kantian lecture with my mind floating in several different directions and head into a Symbolic logic lecture which really requires the greatest focus and presence of mind. As such I usually only gather about 1/10th of what is going on in the symbolic logic lectures, even though by now logic should be hardwired into my bones doing the logic saturated degree that I do. If anyone out there can teach me, in the language of a simple minded buffon, how to prove the incompleteness theorem I would be eternally grateful.

Next up I had to head into Coventry City centre for some volounteering at the refugee centre. Don't think I've mentioned it on the blog before but I participate in running a youth group for refugee kids around coventry, its a lot of fun. Managed to get a lift back tonight and everything ran very smoothly, the new group leadership this year and some extra training of the volounteers seems to have really improved the group.

A little track back, anyone try the Guardian cryptic today ? What letter does Guardian stand for? G? I seem to have suddenly got into attempting the cryptic crosswords now due to the influence of the large quantity of crossword addicts that hang about on the Arts Centre sofas. More distractions from work :)

Which also reminds me that I keep forgetting to sign up for shifts to do stewarding, I really want to do stewarding but I keep forgetting the monday sign up days and the turning up to find the book already full. Must remember next time! hopefully I'll have more of a chance when I hang around over Christmas, should get to see those christmas kids shows at least three times.

When I finally returned home this morning I discovered the mst excellent package filled with Half-Life 2. To me Half-Life was a life changing game in many ways as it moved me from game player to game creator so I can't help but feel all warm and fuzzy towards its sequel. I have tommorow off uni and I fear that once again non work activities will consume the day.

Everyone learn to juggle, please. Noone who juggles can be evil.

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