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February 15, 2005

My awesome sense tells me deadlines are approaching

As my blogfrequency rises and quality fluctuates wildly, I reflect on whether the warwick blogging blogomenon is finally being accepted by the wider blogmunity. With a blog now launched by our very own delightful Students Union president and the number of bloggers reaching some kind of blogcritical mass, are we on the precipice of a blogtopia?

Will there soon be blogfests on the grassy fields behind rootes blogs, I mean blocks, will blogs be discussed in special bloginars? Will lecturers deliver their lectures through the medium blog? Will The Boar, Raw and Warwick TV pack up their current operations and deliver everything via the blogstream? Will the Arts Centre become a giant computer for witnessing the 500 foot wide blog monster?

A new language 'blogish' is already beginning to emerge from the blogfringe with common english words like 'trackback', 'mother' and 'funny' taking on blogfidious new meanings that defy blogsplantion. Will there soon be gangs of bloggers hanging around on street corners shouting 'you smell of mother' at passing innocents?

Only blogtime will blogtell.

Steve the Otter

As the sun broke through the morning clouds Steve the Otter rolled over onto a pine cone, the old beaver lodge he was renting was covered in the debris of last nights indulgences. The sunlight burnt against his eyes and he forced them open.

“Ugh” he said to noone in particular.

Steve should be a happy otter but today he isn’t, his list of reasons to cheer the hell up isn’t working. Steve tries cleaning up all the mess and doing some otter work. He feels a little better, but today its not enough and he lies down again.

Steve has a think and decides to he doesn’t know what to think, Steve probably needs to do a lot more thinking.

Instead Steve is going out to burn things.

Thank you Sam & Natalie (I am a wazzock)

"The problem is, I'm just such a complete twammer that everyone wants to punch me in the tits until I throw up. I smell of mother and eggs. Natalie and Samuel rock.

Lots of love,

Sam and Natalie wrote this lovely blog entry for you all while attempting to distract me… I'm sorry.

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