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January 15, 2005

The blog social in pictures

Follow-up to BLOG SOCIAL MOVING TO ROOTES BAR from Dan Lawrence's Blog

Luckily I was able to record the disgusting filth that went on at the blog social with a pencil and paper, rushing home last night I was able to ink in the colours from memory. I apologise for the crudeness of some of these images…

This is the weird artwork thing in the ramphal building where the number of bloggers in one place first reached critical mass. This artwork thing always worries me slightly; a strange combination of navigational chart, mathematical symbols and the names of records. I had a riveting lecture on Hegel in this place which stimulated me greatly.

The day carried on with a brief period of luncheon in which I managed to eat a slice of pizza and most of a bag of lettuce.

After lunch was VGDSoc's weekly goat sacrifice in Meeting room C of University House. A meeting that was suprisingly productive.

after a short interlude in Union North and DCS we got to the real meat of the day and decided to begin the blog social early, as mentioned elsewhere stars were fighting in the graduate filling up the place with their magical stardust. So, Me, Mat and Sam got things started in Rootes Bar. There are no pictures of these very early moments but I can tell you it was sickening and foul.

Thankfully Andy arrived soon, him and Mat were quickly seduced by Sam's beard and manly wiles. Look at their eyes filled with love:

I abandoned them to their love-in and went downstairs to Rootes reception to spread the word to the masses via the blogs. Upon my return Mat and Sam ditched Andy for some private loving over in the Graduate. I consoled Andy with some chocolate fingers.

Mat and Sam soon returned with fresh blogging meat:

I think these pictures speak for themselves.

We all chatted for a while about how to construct minature power plants out of iced gems, (thanks Simon) and then Helen had to go and work for 'the man' over in the Arts Centre.

Me and Simon tried once more to find people in The Graduate and Simon seemed to know everybody on Campus the big stud. Noone was biting, or we just didn't recognise any faces.

Upon my return I found my drink ruined by horrible lettuce goblins, and we decided to move tables to a more central location befitting our status as bloggers. Lots of people came next, more than I managed to photograph. This is the best drawing I was able to grab of the blog social getting in to full swing:

Holly was there, but not as drunk as this picture suggests:

Pippa saw something incredibly interesting behind her just as I went to take this sketch. She also waved at me for at least 3 years.

Chris and Natalie came along fairly soon and surrounded Sam, he had pure terror in his eyes and clutched his pint of purple ferociously:

Chirs had a lovely badge which you should all ask him about, or you may possibly die:

After this things got a bit crazy. Andy thought he was Nick H and went all ninja:

My brother turned up and brought us all some pizza, and some kind of foul bargin was struck up by 'Da boyz':

Nick B won the staring competition:

and Olly had by far the most impressive hat:

and doesn't he look pleased with it.

More stuff and things happened until we eventually got to Crash but I'd lost my pencil and paper by this point and I think people had begun to suspect so I made a hasty exit and tried to forget the horrible things I had seen.

Never again.

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