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December 11, 2004

Blogger's Beach


James was found in a compromising situation with Jen by a shocked Holly who burst in on them because Jen's dog was hit by a car and now lies in a comatose state…

Sam, worried that his new wife Natalie will find out about his illicit encounters with her sister has been wondering around mournfully staring at the ocean…

Millionaire real estate developer Dan has just bought the rights to 'The Blogosphere' the Beach's premier night spot and is ready to shake things up…

Scene 1

The Blogosphere Night club. Natalie is cleaning glasses behind the bar when Dan enters clutching the property deeds.

Dan: I'm ready to shake things up around here.
Natalie: Gasp!

Two episodes ago, Natalie in her wedding dress alone with Sam in a hotel room

Natalie: Oh Sam…
Sam: Oh Natalie…
Natalie: Oh Sam…
Sam: Oh Natalie…
Natalie: Oh Sam…
Sam: Oh Natalie…

They kiss

Natalie: gasp
Sam: (with a grin) I'm ready to shake things up around here.


Dan: (To Natalie) I want 'Awesome' written on the wall in giant neon letters! And a gold statue of me! Standing astride a dead bison with a spear in one hand and an axe in the other! Make it happen.
Natalie: Wow. Did you used to be a pirate?

Long lingering shot on Dan's face as it twists with emotion

Dan: I was, once. Until the day my sword fighting arm was broken by a devil-bearded young pirate and I could never sail the seven seas again. My first mate Soulless Mat had to take over me prized ship. I don't like to talk about it.

Long suprise reaction shot on Natalie

Scene 2

Jen's beach house bedroom. Jen is in a compromising position with James, Holly is at the door having just burst through. The long reaction shots happened last week so we can get straight to the dialogue.

Holly: Jen! I thought you were a lesbian! Oh, its James…

James leaps up of the bed, Jen leaps up off the other side almost as fast

Jen: (fumbling to straighten bikini) Holly! What are you doing here!

five minutes of James looking worried

Holly: Jen, its your dog Wes. He got hit by a twelve ton truck.

Long reaction shot on Jen, face a mask of pure horror

Jen: Wes! Is he alive?
Holly: He's been taken to the hospital, the doctors say he's in a coma that he's likely to drift in and out for the next seven episodes!
Jen: I have to get down there to have personal revelations by his bedside!
James: I'll go with you.

Scene 3

Sam alone on a pier staring into the ocean waves, at a distance behind him a hulking green skinned figure stands watching.

Sam: Sigh


Scenes of Sam in compromising positions with Natalie's sister. are played while the voice over intones in Sam's voice.

Voiceover Sam: If Natalie finds out what I was doing with her sister she'll never be able to forgive me, the only way out is for us to leave Blogger's Beach forever.


While we were watching the flashback the green skinned beast has moved right up behind Sam.

Green figure:(tapping Sam on the shoulder) Sam?
Sam:(turning around)
Oh hello, Melinda. I was just staring into the ocean mournfully.
Melinda: It must be hard, growing up without a mother like you did.
Sam: I don't need anything from my family, they chose to abandon me when I was young.
Melinda: So if your mother came back into your life what would you do?
Sam: (with venom) My mother is dead to me! If she came beack into my life now with excuses and lies I'd ignore her.
Melinda: I u..understand. Good luck with your mournful ocean staring, see you around.

Sam returns to staring at the ocean mournfully; Melinda walks half way back down the pier then turns to stare longingly at Sam a tear in the corner of her eye

Scene 4

In the hospital, Wes the dog is in a coma on a bed, James, Jen, Holly and Natalie are crowded into the small room

Natalie: Poor Wes!
Jen: (tearful) Oh Wes, please wake up. I didn't mean to get into a compromising situation with James.

A troupe of Gay Men (Led by the fearless priest of James; Chris) enters just at that moment

Troupe of Gay men: You did what with our James!
James: Men!
Natalie: James is gay?
Holly: This is getting good!

On the bed Wes stirs

Wes: whimper
Jen: Wes!

Scene 5

Back in the Blogosphere, late evening, Sam walks into the bar mind elsewhere

Sam: JD and coke bartender, its been a long day.
Dan: (Looks up) Sam Hellbeard!

Long reaction shots as we switch between Sam and Dan eyes locked on each other faces twisted with emotion


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