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January 11, 2005

The moment

This is a moment, one of many in my life, its an interesting moment. Probably not one I'll remember, but one of transition.

Our lives are full of moments like these.

However our lives are also full of pizza. Today I had to look up a whole host of pizza related facts in order to present them to a group of children, well actually I kind of hoped that I could just tape them to a wall and never think about them again. Instead we played a fun game of guess the impossible guess fact. I thought I'd try it with you too.

1. Am I:

A: A bastard.

B: Awesome.

C: A nice angsty guy.

D: A Pirate.

2. How many times am I planning to go to the gym this week:

A: Gym?

B: A Pirate.

C: Twice.

D: Twice a day. My biceps can crush cans.

3. What is currently my favourite movie?

A: Evil Dead 3.

B: Evil Dead 2.

C: Its a Wonderful Life.

D: Pirates of the Carribean.

4. How much do I hate Hegel?

A: On the anniversary of his death I burn effigies.

B: When I see the word Hegel Lazer beams shoot from my eyes.

C: He's not as good as Nietzsche.

D: Hegel and indescribeable pain are to me as correlates.

5. Do I like children?

A: yes, for breakfast.

B: yes, in cages with tigers.

C: yes.

D: no.

6. What is the source of my power?

A. My blog.

B. My hair.

C. My heart.

D. My battery.

7. In case of emergency pull...

A: The ugly one.

B: Your sister.

C: Cord.

D: Sam's Mum.

8. I own one of the following:

A: A picture of Jesus.

B: A picture of the Queen.

C: A picture of New York.

D: A picture of Scunthorpe.

Answers on a comment. With money.

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