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December 08, 2004

So, four pirates walk into a bar…

I'd like to apologise for the shortness of my last two posts. I feel very much like I've been neglecting my blogging public to enjoy the cheap thrills of alcohol and socialising. Thankfully I've now come to my senses and can tell you all about the myriad, yes, myriad of thrilling events that have occurred in my special, little life since last we spoke.

As the engine of time that powers the first term has spun wearily to a a heavy stop and campus has become empty of students and full of others, the few have stayed faithful. We mighty ones have decided that its fun to stay in our term time abodes for, shock horror, days after the end of term. Campus takes on a strange, intoxicating beauty when quiet and there is no better time to find yourself staring deeply into the glowing lights and vistas of Warwick University than now. Its something like the stillness after a car crash on a lonely mountain road but more positive. Walk around at night. Enjoy it.

I finally got around to tidying up my room and making it very respectable like. A tidy room is very pleasing, like a blank canvas the sense of creativity or excitiment waiting to happen is palpable. It also makes my mind feel clearer; I have a slight problem with my memory (not a medical problem, just forgetful) and can easily get confused thinking I have a lot of unspecific things to do that are very important but not knowing what any of them are. For this reason when I clean up my room and lay out the stuff that I have to do in a nice simple list I feel much more at ease. So now you know.

Recently, I exposed my housemates to the "Ultimate 50 Power Ballads" on TMF; power ballads are my guilty pleasure. I like all kinds of musical genres; jazz, blues, pop, indie, reggae, hip hop, punk, classical, two tone, ninja, rock, heavy rock, really heavy rock that god created yet can't pick up; anything really. Yet, there is something shaming about my love for Mr. Mister, Foreigner, Bonnie Tyler and Meat Loaf. The music shamelessly plays on your heartstrings, with weepy melodramatic lyrics, big swooping pianos and mournful guitar solos and yet I can't help but love it. What other genre has created such spine tingling classics as 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' and 'Broken wings' ? None I tell thee.

Even Pirates love Power Ballads.

Sam had a party on monday night, I went along. Lots of very lovely blog people were there and some other lovely people that don't have blogs. Turns out Sam is good at computer games that I've never played and beat me at Rocky, I was also beaten at several other games that involved monkeys in some way. At least I won a game or two of digital pool. Soon this was all cast aside for Sam's regular 10pm viewing of Commando, staring the man mountain that is Arnold Schwarznegger. Arnie proceeds to ripple his way through this film oozing testosterone from every orifice; he manages to defeat opponent after opponent with devastating one liners like "No, fuck you". Sam got very excited when Arnie appeared in tiny speedos. We upped his medication.

The party continued with screenings of the 'Best of Chris Morris', featuring The Day Today (This is the News) and Brass Eye. A good time was had by all until I unleashed Evil Dead 2 on the unsuspecting party goers where opinon was divided between those who knew it was awesome and those who were wrong. Bruce Cambell (the star of Evil Dead 1,2 and 3) plays a character who chops off his own hand, attaches a chain saw to the stump and weilds a 'boom stick' in the other. Zombies come and zombies go but Ash is always groovy to a fault.

Hail to the king baby.

Today I trekked all the way back from Leamington at exorbiant cost and it seemed to take an age to get from asleep to home. I decided that having acheived this feat it was probably nearly time to go and get drunk again.

So I did.

(I'm getting better at one handed pool, but not yet good enough. No, that is not a euphemism.)

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