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April 07, 2005

Holy shit I'm fantastic

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

Looks like Carter has made a resounding return to blogging form with his latest entry. Issuing a challenge to the students of Warwick to de-beigeify themselves, his vitriol is evident and it struck me as having a virtual connecting spider web line to one of my own recent blogs on the re-education of menfolk. If you're more interesting then the ladies will like you fellas, which means less beige and more awesome.

To me the beigeness that Carter speaks of is like a nightmare, the few occasions in my life when things have threatened to drift that way have been greeted with horrified panic by my internal rejection systems. Still its only as I gathered more confidence in who I am and let go of my fear to express myself, fucking what the mainstream thinks, that I was able to flower into the truly awesome being that I am today. I think that there may be people out there sitting on the cusp of being interesting, good people, who are just too afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve. If they could just let their personalities show on the outside they could really shine and I'd have some more good people to talk to. Instead all too many paper over what they think, they nod and smile to fit in, then they slip into that grey flannel shirt and slowly accumulate money like ants until they die.

For a condensed and fun version of this message try William Shatner's – You'll Have Time, and live life like you're gonna die, cause you are.

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