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December 04, 2004

Confessions of a comment addict (and a trifle)

Yesterday marked the earliest I've been awake for a long time. I won't confess to you the hideously early time for fear that it may scar your ears at the very hearing, it was far too early. The reason? Dear readers I had a quest, a mission no less to create the most amazing trifle ever created by mankind. Bounding downstairs with the eagerness of a sprightly puppy I could almost taste the trifle!

Alas, I was to face my first obstacle in the form of my slumbering trifle making partner. Despite reminding me specifically to get up early he seemed to have taken the option of a lie in himself, later he would redeem himself spectacularly. For now I was foiled.

I've noticed in recent days people expressing sentiments along the lines of "Dan, I hate you and wish upon you a lonely death" and "Dan, you are arrogant, ugly and generally deserve to be loathed by all decent folk". Of course these sentiments are only so far being expressed by a minority and you my eager blog fans are still flying the flag as well as ever; but still it concerns me. Have I been understood?

I do not intend to belittle anyone else by having confidence in myself. Instead I would like to share my wisdom with you; if we could all be so giving then the world would be a brighter place would it not? I have been called immodest for calling myself "awesome"; I ask you would it be better if I considered myself only "yeah, pretty average" or "not much to write home about". Would you still come back here to read angst filled diatribes about the unfairness of the world? Or do you have enough of those in your own head? I provide a place to celebrate, to aim higher, to learn.

So, to those who criticize me and try to do me down when I try only to spread a message of joy and celebration; I say look first to yourselves. When you are ready to enjoy life, return and I will be happy to celebrate with you.

DOT. DOT. DOT. (little in-joke for you there, just skip right on past it)

That being said, I of course do have my faults. It has been fairly pointed out that I do comment on the blog system far more than anyone else and should probably ease off the gas a little for fear of inflating the hot topic threshold any further. Henceforth I promise to comment less often on the blog system. Mainly just to see what will happen without my hourly input :)

Back to my day. Later on I found myself meeting up with my good friend Sam in the corporate headquarters of Warwick University. As usual we exchanged blog related chatter one obsessive to another, then we kissed passionately. No sooner had we finished than another regular blogger turned up and complimented us on our fine haircuts and excellent dress sense before letting us into the presentation room.

We were there, of course, for a video game design society project meeting, Mat was also there as were many other redoubtable fellows. I won't bore you with the most excellent geekery that followed but Sam did draw an excellent picture of me which I'm sure he wishes he could share with the group.
Having concluded our business and navigated the labyrinthine security arrangements most of our group headed foodwards to the excellent pizzas on offer in The Bar. Alcohol was drunk, GI Joe spoofs were quoted endlessly and much fun was had by all.

Upon departing I was briefly treated to Sam's amazing piano skills. He played at least four pianos at once and I almost broke down in tears such was the beauty of the composition. Awesome. Before I even had a moment to recover it was time for the Blog social.

Some have ridiculed the event for being poorly attended and just a collection of "blogging weirdos" but I found it all highly exciting to meet my fellow bloggers in the flesh and even stole a blog poster to show my enthusiasm. I ran into Simon Young at the bar and he seemed to be a very nice chap with a passion for motor sports, I've just remembered that I forgot to properly introduce him to Mat. Something for next time perhaps. I also met Sam's lovely wife Natalie who took home a small autographed picture of my good self. Everyone was predictably awkward and unsure what to talk about except blog related things but as time wore on they moved on to the good topics, like me (One for you 'Dan is self-obsessed' followers).

I look forward to many more such social events next term when I can sample the delights of even more blog addicts and learn to put names to blogs.

As the blog social dissipated I found myself in the vicinity of some delightfully philosophical company including the lovely Sarah, the cynical media man Nick (who is also splendid), and the blogless but very nice Olly. Some important moral and legal issues were discussed; until Sam arrived when discussion moved on to how much we all loathe and detest Berkeley. Avoid Berkeley at all costs my friends, he is not even worthy of your disgust. Consider yourself warned. Yet as cosy as this love-in was, soon I had once again to move on, for I was called upon to work in the Arts Centre.

Tonight's show was the entertaining poet/comedian John Hegley who read from his large collection of poetry books what turned out to be some very funny poems and some not so funny. He also mixed this in with some very good songs and a bit of linking stand up material/stories which were generally pretty amusing. He was very comfortable with a live audience format and regularly involved the crowd and even the "Jungle Book" set that surrounded him. Overall I was impressed and my secret desire to play the mandolin has been reawakened.

Hegley over with, the real excitement was free to begin again in earnest. I had earlier in the day received a coded message from my troops on the font line, that the trifle cream we had purchased the other day was of completely the wrong consistency, an alternative would need to be found with urgency. Thinking on my feet, I stole quietly into costcutters, and located a batch of their finest whipped cream. This delicate payload then remained in my bag for the rest of the day prompting the overactive of loins to make salacious innuendos. Now however I was homeward bound and the cream was about to come into its own.

I reached the front door and, thinking like a pirate, bit my cutlass between my teeth, pulled down my eye patch and kicked the door down. My quick actions ensured that the whipped cream was delivered safely into the hands of magnificent pudding maestro Greg in good time, thus saving trifle night and possibly the universe.

I may have slightly exaggerated the importance of my contribution.

I present the tasty trifle:

It was delicious and my fondest thanks goes out to Philippa for posting her recipe and to Greg for turning it into edible reality.

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