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December 02, 2004

The best Chav Blog like y'know ever

Oi! Mate! what's the foookin' time?

aaaiiiiiiiight! me mate steve got me hooked up wiv dis cable like and now I got me a blag! Ha haaa ha what a load of geeks, you're all gaaaaaaayerest.

check out me and shazza at the park, little shazza was playin' wiv me lighter in her pram when steeeve snapped dis, it was fookin' like hot shit. Hah hahaah geeks.

big shout out to alll da boys on da souf side. yous know its fer life.
me trainers are the fookin' beeest like foookin' shittest trainers ever fookin seen mate, you wanna fookin say that over here. I'll fookin' kill yoo ya fookin' student geeks. haaa haaa hah.

ere' las night I woz gettin' lashed wiv da souf side crew down by the canal and we got like these big like fookin' trolleys and threw that shit right in the water. Haaa ahaa ha foookin' SPLASH hah ahah haa. Ur all twats, I could kill all of you fookin' student freaks.

check me motaaa! i gots it all trickked out fookin' bitch magnet! YEAH!

i'd fookin' race all of yous. yeah you twats. BLING BLING!!! I nicked it from some student wankers hah ahahhha haha.

fook' its my shittin' mobile.

yeah? fookin' sweeet mate. yeah, yeah fookin' twats I'll kill 'em next time. foookin' right lets get twatted and go fuckin' mental. Hahaha hahahBAZZA!! GERROFF !!! NOT ME FUCKIN FONE!! WANKIN TWAT DOG! YOU BASTARD FOOKIN NO FOOD FOR YOU WANKER!

fookin' dog ate me shittin' fone, i only fookin nicked it last week!

Oi mate suck a piece of this. Ahaha hahah. twats.


This has been a brief look at the other side of the fence.

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