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June 01, 2015

Got some knowledge about KM

Thanks to MBE, now it is the finally modul: KBAM. And this moduel will link to all the knowledage that we learned.

For the presenatation, I have read related artical and got some idea about Knowledge management. Knowledge management is the product of the era of knowledge economy, and the development of knowledge-based economy depends on the effective management of knowledge: From a macro point of view, knowledge management is an important driving force for the development of knowledge-based economy; while from the microscopic point of view, knowledge management through a series of core functions effectively optimize the enterprise's business activity.And knowledge management is not only a strategy and ideas, but also a workable technology.

While at the same time, the history of the rise and fall of the knowledge management calls for a holistic and targeted knowledge management. Knowledge management should first be based on the level of corporate strategy, rather than a restricted matter, thus it must be implemented as a whole. Knowledge management doesn't cover everything, but should be focused on the basis of actual business in order to achieve optimal performance.

Next stage is reading asset management..

October 09, 2014

About the time management thinking

If one person wants a good job outcome it must have to make good use of its time. Because the time is limited, only 168 hours per week. And time is the most valuable ‘asset’. Whatever the person has the strong power or high ability to complete the job, if it’s lack of time, it will be nothing. Time is so precious, but it is the most flexible in the --- it can be fleeting, can also play the greatest effect. For production and business activities, time is a potential capital.

So, if the manager does not know how to use time efficiency, is the most incompetent manager. This manager is wasting time and wasting wealth of corporate.

There are a lot of managers, from morning till night, not during working hours packed with all kinds of work. But also outside working hours to continue working. Just from this phenomenon, and can not show that the manager will use the time in a good way. His spiritual work is good, but he still can not be regarded as the best manager, he is not good use of time.

Whether or not good at use the time, the key factor is to make a reasonable work plan. The work plan is a certain period of a day to do anything; advance what to do, what to do afterwards, which time within which things to focus; What time do what the arrangements things are on sale when the industry reached the goal and so on.

However, time is flexible and the human brain is always change. It can not fully plan 168hours per week. There are plans to use working time, mainly reasonable arrangements for the most important job and the most critical issues. These work and problems, as long as the arrangement was timely and properly, it will be like a machine spindle so bring the whole machine running, prompting other things done on time.

Thus, the managers who are really use the time very well will not spend a lot of time in hectic work, but used in the preparation of the plan. They will determine the working objectives, goals and scheduled a process step.

A successful person, make good use of his time, was one of the biggest success factors. Since no one can get more time than others, then the only way is to take full advantage of how to plan your time.

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