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November 28, 2014

Today catched some new knowldge

Today's classroom had a manager from GE, he shared how GE's Lean Six Sigma works. To answer a lot of questions.

Today's topic reminds me of Lean is to eliminate all unnecessary waste, Six Sigma process side emphasized by process of elimination to quantify the presence of variation, eliminate variation process itself is to eliminate waste in the process, it is the method from above, the two have very good complementary.

Respect and Six Sigma are different sources, but the basic idea is the same. Lean Six Sigma is a business process to achieve continuous improvement of business processes.

He also through playing games, let's practice concluded. This is a very interesting .

November 27, 2014

Lean and Six Sigma

six sigma lean

Lean manufacturing is a good management practices, Six Sigma is a good tool. Lean production at Toyota for years with the implementation of effective, Six Sigma at GE performs well, if a certain combination can produce double the effect. So many consultants and training companies have redesigned these two different tools together.

Lean thinking is a management system, including orders from product design, manufacturing, supply chain management, goods to the customer hands, and put the money back to the entire business process. Its essence is to find and solve problems; waste is a problem, how to eliminate waste is one of the key Lean.

Six Sigma application of statistical methods to analyze the process of possible variations of each process and to find out the causes of these deterioration. Hopefully after the correction, the range of variation can be minimized, the job becomes a standardized program to improve a passing rate of the product or service, but also reflects the kind of concrete measures to eliminate waste.

GE is the application of Six Sigma's most successful companies, but after performing for years, gradually found most Six Sigma problem solving surface relatively narrow, concentrated in one or a small range of functions, not easy with the overall operation of the target company, such as business linked to the growth and increase profits. So GE began studying lean thinking, seek first to understand the functional departments of the value stream, on the one hand helps to communicate between each other mutual processes, shorten time processes, but also help to find out the waste, improve efficiency.

It must be clearly understood that the implementation of lean no shortcuts to copy, it is not a cure, the only constant in the company discovered the problem, and gradually resolved and continuous improvement, in order to build a lasting and can compete with other competitors in the manufacturing culture.

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