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October 17, 2014

We should have critical thinking

critical thinking

In recent years, we all like to talk about the difference between Chinese and Western thinking. A more general argument is more logical thinking for Westerners and Chinese people's thinking are more systematically. Essentially, the method and route of thinking there is no fundamental difference exists.

Critical thinking is to absorb external information, to ask appropriate questions according to their needs, get training and cognitive thinking of new areas constantly question and answer process.

Key academic critique whether we have ideas and critical thinking skills, or whether we are a critical thinker. Of course, this is our tradition and institutional environment, with specific educational goals we established related. The general public especially the scholars to recognize academic criticism in academic role in the innovation process, master critical thinking skills, promote academic criticism is important.

Critical thinking and Innovation also has a very close relationship. Innovation is an activity to generate social value of new achievements. Innovative thinking and critical thinking consistent content, interaction, indivisible. We can not put the two against each other.

In study, we should understand critical thinking is so important. It is a very good method to help us to develop our mind, think about:

- What is the topic? What is the conclusion?

- What are the reasons?

- What words are ambiguous?

- Fallacious reasoning in it?

- How much the credibility of the evidence?

- Any things can be improved?

These questions are valuable for the postgraduate student in study.

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