July 05, 2015

Life cycle management

As competition intensifies, more and shorter time to market. Development of information technology so that all aspects related to the product can work in harmony, sharing of resources. People pay more from demand analysis, program design, manufacture and marketing the whole process as a starting point to co-ordinate to consider the issue, and even the whole life process of product optimization as a strategy needs to be attention.

June 05, 2015

the presentation.

this reflection will be more academy.

in my opinion, the strengh of my team is everyone put their all effort on it.from the ppt, what we trying to present,we always meet and disuss about it.during the presentation,everyone has a clear struature. we put the knowledge into it.

weakless:time control. we spent much time on the definetion, but what the question requir we spent less time. the 5 years pkan did not have enough time to present.

the the analysis of financial analysis.

reflaction of whole modul

finally, we finish the last model. today we did the presentation, when the first group present, i found my presentation jas miss a very important part which is the financial analysis. we only through the efqm modul and link to km and am. the feed back from the board of direct said my team analysis is not enough. that is need to be solve in the future,even that will be presentation in the job position. we need to consider all the fatcors not only one. that will be more resonable.

for the effort, we put alot of on it, we meet 7times during two weeks,.and i can feel each menber want to make a good presentation.and we did, even there are manay area need to improve. istill many thanks to all my menbers. we turelly put a lot of effort on it.

again, thanks to mbe,give the opportunitity to me to know such good classmates. and paul is a really good teacher,not only a teacher,more like our friend.

finally.we finish the class. i will always miss that days in mbe.

June 01, 2015

Got some knowledge about KM

Thanks to MBE, now it is the finally modul: KBAM. And this moduel will link to all the knowledage that we learned.

For the presenatation, I have read related artical and got some idea about Knowledge management. Knowledge management is the product of the era of knowledge economy, and the development of knowledge-based economy depends on the effective management of knowledge: From a macro point of view, knowledge management is an important driving force for the development of knowledge-based economy; while from the microscopic point of view, knowledge management through a series of core functions effectively optimize the enterprise's business activity.And knowledge management is not only a strategy and ideas, but also a workable technology.

While at the same time, the history of the rise and fall of the knowledge management calls for a holistic and targeted knowledge management. Knowledge management should first be based on the level of corporate strategy, rather than a restricted matter, thus it must be implemented as a whole. Knowledge management doesn't cover everything, but should be focused on the basis of actual business in order to achieve optimal performance.

Next stage is reading asset management..

March 22, 2015

Leadership awareness is so important for today’s business.

An organization will tend to shift into the backbone of business leaders, managers can also expect the same action as the leader. In fact, most of the backbone of the business vision of relatively insular, but difficult to achieve such a broad vision leader; and managers also tend to focus too much on short-term performance, and the lack of short and long term goals for coordination.

Leaders are rounder it? Not necessarily that they may have in some ways to highlight the strengths of people, but there are at least a basic understanding of the operation of power and to protect the organization in other ways. And professionals are not the same, may be the only professional expertise and no overall operation of the concept, we see Dean and University of the problems many hospitals, lies precisely in the leadership of the selected mode is a problem in this regard.

Change management and leadership, especially in the conditions of the mobile Internet becomes a core challenge leader, is the most critical work, drive change and mobilize change, which in the middle of an uncertain grasp of the new, but also for future goals setting the path management.

Thinking about leadership–Leadership is a character or technology?

There are a variety of leadership psychology studies, one study suggests that leadership is more a personality trait, this matter is in trouble, because this thing is very difficult to easily change the personality, it also shows that some people more than others suitable leaders. Another type of thought leadership are some of the methods and techniques, methods and techniques are taught to learn and, therefore, have some leadership training courses.

However, a lot of publicity was marvelous course not as legendary as immediate - in fact, anything about the things people really professional people probably would not immediate as rhetoric. I actually do know a positive psychology peers, after training privately say the immediate effect is more people resign, probably because by the encouragement to go to pursue their dreams come true heart.

March 20, 2015

Reflections after the RDM presentation

Through one and half week preparation, today we did the presentation. During the preparation, my group put enough effort on it: meet many times, every time every member contributed. I think we did a good job.

The good area what we did is we used many tools to analysis with the data which from internet, it makes the result more reasonable. Robust decision is through a series scientific calculation can come out the most optimal solution. We can see in the decision tree, it shows each decision has the probability, and the value of the decision. The decision maker can very clear to see what the best option is. By using the tools also can give the decision maker a scenario of the whole process.

The area can be improve I think our group need to more prepare before the presentation. During the presentation it was a little bit stick. And the analysis not very base on the real world, we only focused on the material what we given, but we did not think about in the real world, the fish men will more listen to the radio. It also shows the analysis base on the data not always match the real situation. The decision maker should consider both the analysis and the real world.

Robust decision module gave me more ideas about how to find out the best decision, and I did some research about the difference tools, in the future I can use these tools to help me to development in difference places.

March 14, 2015

Reflection of week one Robust Decision Making


Last week we had a new module which was Robust Decision Making. Before learning this module I did not know anything about it.

Through three days lecture, I got some knowledge about the principle of Decision Making and how to make a Robust Decision. It need to use tools and methodology to help the leader to make a most utility decision. I was interested on the decision tree because it looks similar as the PPMC module’s project plan. But the difference is decision tree list difference choice to choose, project plan is put all the step on it.

And I always thinking about if every decision need to use such tools or methodology to analysis, or just the big project needs to plan.

After three days lecture, we started the team work. We draw the decision tree and gave every member task to do. And helpfully next week we can mix up together and start to prepare our report of the question.

February 22, 2015

Reflection of the CSR presentation

csr presentation

On Thursday, we did a presentation about CSR. This presentation not really good, and I have some thinking about how can I do in te future.

First, divide the task more efficiency. In my group it was Francis and dev. And we decided Francis to do the last part. But I think that is very important and difficult part of the whole presentation. And Dev and I did not help her much.

Second, the important part did not have enough time to present. On my presentation, we spent 12mins to present the definition, that it is not very good and result that is no time to present the most important part- comparison and recommendation. So, in the future, we need to identify which part is more important and left enough time for it.

http://moodle.warwick.ac.uk/pluginfile.php/251415/mod_resource/content/1/19-feb/Untitled-143/Player.htmlthis is the link of presentation, we are team 4(the last one).

Some thought from CSR talk


On Wednesday afternoon, we had a talk about CSR. It was given by a graduate student from Warwick. She introduce the definition of CSR and how did she apply it into her company. After this talk, I found that even the CSR will cost money to do it, but it is worth. It can be deployed into every industry or any business. Because CSR not only can protect the environment, but also can effect people. It many company use CSR, the people also will have that sprite.

In my country china, the CSR deployment still need to be improvement. It need to changer the company’s owner’s mind, do not just for the profits, and we need a big more concern the environment.

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